Lessons to Learn from Southwest Airlines.

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Southwest Airlines has been legendry its profitable growth in a very competitive market place. It is known for high employee satisfaction, constantly being able to reduce costs, and a very friendly and happy airline crew. Southwest Airlines in its website published the top 40 lessons they have learned in their 40 years of existance.

Here is the link to the article http://www.spiritmag.com/features/article/40_lessons_to_learn_from_southwest/

and below are my 11 picks.

1. Keep the idea simple enough to draw on a napkin.

7. Target the overcharged and underserved.

8. Be the good guy.

11. Lack of money makes you frugal.

15. Invent your own Culture and put a top person in charge of it.

19. A crisis can contain the germ of a big idea.

20. Simplicity has value.

27. See your business as a cause.

28. Put the worker first.

32. Set and renew noble expectations.

35. It’s about Customer Service, not “scalability.”

Those were 11 I liked for more http://www.spiritmag.com/features/article/40_lessons_to_learn_from_southwest/