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Big fat Election jamboree- 5 Leadership and Life lessons

Over the last one year and more so the last few months one has been watching the drama unfold. A large democracy at work, wheels within wheels at work, a time when the masses suddenly become important, when promises are doled out by the dozen
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Lessons from the cab story

The Brand perils of changing rules of the game rapidly The last few days have seen major coverage in the media on the rape incident in Delhi. While one must condemn the incident and the repeated impunity with which these incidents keep
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Summit Fever in Board Rooms

On May 20, 2014 Chhanda Gayen and two Sherpas were swept away by an avalanche while descending from Mt. Yalung Kang (8505m), the west peak of Kanchenjunga massif. Experts do falter She was a very accomplished mountaineer. In May 2013, she
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Triumph and Tragedy in Antarctica

On December 14, 1911 Roald Amundsen and his team of four Norwegians became the first to conquer the South Pole. Robert Scott, the English explorer, was thirty-four days and 360 miles behind having lost the head start of over eight weeks. Scott
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What Dog Sled Teams Can Teach us About Leadership

My wife and I had the opportunity to experience a dog-sled excursion while visiting the  Ice Hotel in Sweden last year. While waiting to get onto the sleds and take off across the  frozen river, we observed a very interesting
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Startup Advice: How Entrepeneurs Gain Credibility

From: Via: RT @frazras: Startup Advice: How Entrepeneurs Gain Credibility - VentureBlog @davidhornik While talking with young founders in Europe
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Sometimes the best way to solve your own problems... Is to help someone else. ~Uncle Iroh Avatar gif

From:   By: Adam Rifkin Via: Sometimes the best way to solve your own problems... Is to help someone else.
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Small is the new BIG - Good practices Corporates can imbibe from SME’s

  Small is the new BIG - Did you read that right? Yes, that’s right! This is the new buzz word of the 21st century. First it was the turn of technology companies dreamt up by buzzing entrepreneurs who built up huge valuations out of
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Management lessons from the humble ant

Over the last one month or so I have had the chance to observe some ants from a much closer distance than I would have normally liked to. After bringing in honey into our daily diet it was normal to leave it on the dining table since that was the
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We can learn a lot from the Easter Bunny

What's not to love about a cheerful fellow who arrives with chocolate heralding the arrival of spring after a long cold winter? Whether or not you celebrate Easter, there is some fundamental wisdom that everyone can learn from the Easter Bunny