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7 Ways Psychology Can Change Your Life

From:   By: Ronald E. Riggio PhD Via: How has #learning about #
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The power of community learning

It's easy to imagine that some things have to be the way they've always been. That music has to be delivered on a round platter. That an overnight stay needs to be in a hotel. And that learning is solely...       
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Experts use Lufthansa’s Runway to Success to help startups take off

From: Via: Experts use Lufthansa’s Runway to Success to help startups take off in the
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Trainers Need to Become Learning Curators

When my family moved to Florida eight years ago, we bought a house with a pool. We loved looking outside at night with the pool light on; peaceful and beautiful. But a few months later, the bulb burned out. Rather...
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How Generation Z Is Shaping The Change In Education

From:   By: Sieva Kozinsky Via: ..."Generation Z has officially
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Your brain is particularly vulnerable to trauma at two distinct ages

From:   By: Vivian Giang Via: Life experiences wield particular influence
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Pre-suaded to Learn with Robert Cialdini

From:   By: Jackie Harman Via: RT @RobertCialdini: Listen
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Mobile Learning: Not Just E-learning on the Phone

Mobile learning (or m-learning) is much more than enabling users of your LMS to access existing course materials via smartphones and tablets. It is a rethink of how and when learning is managed by your learners and employees. M-learning, also called