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What in the world is growth hacking, and why you should learn how to do it

Digital marketers have their work cut out for them these days. With the onslaught of content flowing in and out of everyone's news feeds, it has become increasingly hard to capture the attention of users. Marketers need to find a way to make their
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The skills that every teen should learn before they ever get a cellphone

Being a teenager is like waking up every morning in a house of mirrors. You're everywhere and nowhere at once, trying to pinpoint which version of yourself is the most authentic.  For the past decade, teens have navigated this tumultuous period
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Today’s Learning is Nothing Like Tomorrow’s Is Going to Be

Organizations are investing in talent development now more than ever. According to LinkedIn’s 2017 Workplace Learning Report, talent is the top priority for 69% of learning and development (L&D) professionals. And despite the rise of
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Learn all about AI and deep learning with this super on-sale course bundle

Without so much as a warning, Siri suddenly became smarter, Google Translate became more accurate, and Amazon could straightaway predict when you were going to buy a new pack of toilet paper. If you're wondering how this happened, you can thank
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Dude's thread about what he's learned living with two female flatmates is a real eye-opener

You learn a lot about someone when you move in with them.  One chap didn't just learn about his S.O.'s quirks and habits when he moved in with his girlfriend and her BFF. He also ended up learning a lot about women and the power of female
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Pay what you want to learn the entire Microsoft Office suite

If Microsoft Office was Netflix, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint would be Stranger Things, Orange is the New Black, and Narcos. On the other hand, OneNote, Sway, Yammer, and basically the rest of the Office apps would be Sense8, Dear White People, and
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10 things we learned from 'Mister Rogers' Neighborhood' that we'll never forget

Television has introduced us to a series of unforgettable neighbors, from Boy Meets World's Mr. Feeny to Sister, Sister's pesky Roger. But there is perhaps no television neighbor more iconic than Mister Rogers from PBS' Mister Rogers' Neighborhood.
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White Hat vs Black Hat: What Sourcers Can Learn From Hackers – A #SourceCon Royale Review

SourceCon 2018, got straight to the central theme of social engineering in a style fitting to the host city of Las Vegas, Nevada. With Elvis Presley’s Suspicious Minds playing Jim Schnyder and Brian Mork kicked off the keynote sessions. Or...
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It's time to learn how to be an adult, AKA all the things they didn't teach you in school

Your time in college was well spent, but if you’re expecting to leave campus equipped with all the skills you need to survive in the world, you’re going to be sorely disappointed. Because as important as your Psych 101 and Beer Pong