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Sony accidentally uploaded an entire movie to YouTube instead of its trailer

If you were one of the few people who had heard of the film Khali The Killer before this week, you may have just missed out on your opportunity to catch the movie online for free. On Tuesday, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment mistakenly uploaded the
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Japan leaves touching thank you note and a spotless locker room after World Cup loss

If the World Cup was determined strictly on the basis of sportsmanship, Japan's team would win this thing no question. SEE ALSO: Anime theme brings Japan and Senegal fans together at the World Cup Sadly, though, that's not how it goes — as
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Celebrity takes part in super awkward interview, magazine prints entire transcript

There are plenty of reasons a celebrity interview might go viral. It could be really funny, for instance, or really off the rails. Maybe everyone descends into wild laughter. Or it could just be mind-bogglingly, hilariously awkward. SEE ALSO: Hard-
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Grounded kid leaves a salty message while powerwashing the deck

This is malicious compliance at its finest. Redditor and powerwashing enthusiast Qrusader62 made his grounded daughter powerwash the family’s deck as a form of punishment. Then he posted a photo of the message she left him. She sorta did the
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WhatsApp cofounder leaves following Cambridge Analytica scandal

The man who Mark Zuckerberg says taught him about the power of encryption is leaving the Facebook family. The departure of WhatsApp CEO and cofunder Jan Koum comes after Facebook's biggest privacy scandal to date. And six months after WhatsApp
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Scott Pruitt dislikes the EPA logo because he thinks it looks like a marijuana leaf

Maybe you can see it better than we can. According to the New York Times, Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt isn't happy with the organization's seal, which has been in place for nearly 50 years. SEE ALSO: Here's a running
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Dissatisfied pub-goer accidentally leaves glowing 1-star review

Is there a word for when you want to insult someone but end up paying them a really nice compliment by mistake? SEE ALSO: These robotic arms are actually bartenders The Antelope pub in Surbiton, London, received a 1-star Google review to be proud of
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A Quick Guide to Leaves As “Reasonable Accommodation”

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission recently issued the “Employer-Provided Leave and the Americans with Disabilities Act” guidance to help employers know when leaves of absences are considered reasonable accommodations for
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avinashplusworldThe sun leaves blood oranges, and these incredible pink streaks. Insanely gorgeous! Thank you Ma Nature. #naturerocks #beauitfulthings

From: Via: The sun leaves blood oranges, and these incredible pink streaks. Insanely gorgeous! Thank you Ma… sun
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8 facts that will convince you to start meditating

From:   By: Josh Urich Via: 8 facts that will convince you to start meditating it