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Hey CEO: You’re Making a Mistake When You Ignore Your HR Leader

“And what do you know?” As all eyes turned around, he knew then that it was time.  This was a senior leadership team meeting and the head of HR had just given his insight into the issue that was being...
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Attract More Clients With Digital Marketing Strategies

From:   By: binodadmin Via: Attract more customers to
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Mr. Sharma has a problem!

Competitive bidding is a fascinating subject; it is as much about business as about the workings of the human mind. The desire to achieve results prompts individuals to adopt strategies that reveal lessons from Game Theory. This issue relates to one
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Lessons learned from movies

I am a movie fanatic and love to go whenever I get a chance.  It doesn't hurt that I have a son who is a film director in Hollywood.  Plus I had the pleasure of serving on Robert Redford's Sundance Institute Board for 14 years.  
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How to deal with disappointment

His team was behind one run in the ninth inning, the bases were loaded with two out, and the leading hitter on the team was coming to bat.  The crowd sat on the edge of its seat as he swung two bats in the on-deck circle, picked up the rosin
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Budget 2018: Will Arun Jaitley do a Jaswant Singh?

  Finance Minister Arun Jaitley will present his fifth Union Budget in about 10 weeks from now. The fifth Budget of any finance minister is usually important from an electoral point of view, keenly watched for what it doles out for voters.
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HR Has a Role, But Leadership Has to Take Responsibility For Conduct and Culture

I am still processing the significant amount of commentary about HR’s role in the recent sexual harassment scandals. I wrote earlier about the demands placed on HR that keep us buried in adminis-trivia so that we don’t have
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Reality check on growth rate

Many, including this paper (Weekend Ruminations November 4), believe that the second quarter onwards the growth rate will rebound. The numbers will bring more cheer, especially to the government.But, what if the second quarter growth is not that