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Can A $70,000 Minimum Wage Work?

For some employees at a Seattle-based company, money does buy happiness.The founder of Gravity Payments, a 120-person credit card processing company, just announced he was bumping up the salary of 70 employees to a new "minimum wage" of $70,000.For
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Five Habits of Creative People

There is no secret trick to becoming more creative, but the good news is creativity is a skill you can build.That means that you can become more creative with the right time and effort. Whenever you are picking up a new skill, though, it is good to
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Four Rule-Breaking Lessons From The First Woman To Run The Boston Marathon

When Kathrine "K.V." Switzer took her place at the starting line of the 1967 Boston Marathon, wearing a bulky, grey sweat suit and lipstick, she was about to make history. No woman had ever officially entered and run the venerable race before,
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Accountable Care in New York State: Emerging Themes and Issues

From: Via: RT @davechokshi: The state of ACOs in New York—nice report by G.Burke and S.Brundage
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How To Keep Your Cool At Work At All Times

Anger makes extraordinary people doing ordinary things. Instead of leading with wisdom and skill, they act in ways that thwart their own intentions. This would be astonishing if it weren’t so common. For example, your top customer cancels a big deal
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From Google's Hiring Secrets To The Best Office Colors: The Most Popular Leadership Stories This Week

This week, we learned that the shape of your face may change how you're perceived at work while the paint on your office wall may change how you perceive your workplace.Here are the stories you loved in Leadership for the week of April 6.GOOGLE'S
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3 Ways To Train Yourself To Be More Creative

What makes someone good at their job? Talent or skill?According to research by Stanford professor Carol Dweck and her colleagues many people believe that people’s performance reflects either their innate talent for that activity or the amount of
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Why Are These 3 STEM Fields Dominated By Women?

We’ve all heard how few women study science, technology, engineering and math and how under-represented they are in the STEM workforce.A quick snapshot shows that, while girls and boys in elementary and high school do not significantly differ in
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Secrets To Instantly Get Your Confidence Back

You’re ready to deliver a talk or presentation or take on a new project. It’s the culmination of a great deal of preparation and hard work. Then, without warning, all of your hard-won faith in yourself evaporates, and you’re facing a crisis of
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Six Books To Help You Improve Your Negotiation Skills

We know that working women need to know how to negotiate, but that’s far easier said than done.So here's all the negotiation information you’ll need to get up to confidence to ask for more, clearly demonstrate your value, and get that raise. Just in