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The Exit Point

Exiting a business is a very difficult decision. The issue gets clouded by emotion and attachment towards the business. Is there a rational way to find out when the right time to Exit is? Being an entrepreneur and running a business venture is
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This is survival by design.

“What is a snake doing in businessgyan?” Was that your reaction? Just what a predator might think when it sees the ‘hawk mouth caterpillar’ and keeps off. By deception, this species of moth survives the threat from
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The China Experience

S. Venkatesam, generally known as Sam, retired as the Director of Global Systems Group of Motorola a few months ago. He was responsible for Performance Excellence of many companies of their group in Motorola across the globe. He set up their China
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All That CRM Is Not Customer Relationship Management!!!

Though CRM has now become a term commonly used in the business, the usage in terms of the content and the context still seems far from uniform. At one end of the spectrum we could identify with CRM as a philosophy inspired by the acceptance of
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Implementing innovation in the indian context a cultural perspective

When talking of Innovation, many both in the consulting field and on the corporate side take it to be a process issue overlooking the key people aspect. This article based on a discussion with Mr. Thiruvengadam Director- Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu,
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Managing innovation - a holistic perspective

When we took up Innovation as the focus for this issue, one of the fears we had was of trying to get content of relevance considering the complexity of the subject and its intangible nature. The panel discussion assumed increased importance and the
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Managing Innovation

Managing Innovation                 Issue - 15            15th June 2002 The Spark - Method to the madness Clear Eye - Building a productive relationship with
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Starting and Building World-Class Enterprises

The following article is based on the speech given by Abhay Bhushan at the TiE meeting recently in Bangalore. Internet pioneer, environmentalist, entrepreneur, educator and community activist. Abhay Bhushan is a senior advisor to Crimson Ventures
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Mergers & Acquisitions - an approach factoid

India Inc. is waking upto mergers and acquisitions all of a sudden, driven primarily by the market forces. We put together the factoid based on inputs primarily from K Ravishankar of the BPL Innovision Business Group and Vivek D S of Suresh & Co