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Distancing competition, closing in on customers

Can you predict if a new product will be a success or a failure? Most often the response I get from people is “ Who is behind this venture, and how deep are their pockets?” I personally believe that resources are required but
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Innovation and Adaptation

Every organisation has its own work culture and management processes. Many of them go by established ideas, while few others try out some radical ones. Few of these ideas succeed. So to understand what makes these successful organisations click, we
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Unique practices

In our effort to benchmark best practices across industries we conducted a series of interviews with stalwarts in their fields. Here we present their views and experiences for your perusal. Productivity is quite an issue as far as maintaining
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Software Development Productivity

Productivity is the prime determinant of our standard of living. If the revenue generated per work hour goes up, income levels rise. If productivity lags, wages also decline. When all else is equal in a market, the more productive company will
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The Realm of Possibility

We need to unlearn a lot to be able to step into the realm of innovation The way we are taught science, math and perhaps even other soft subjects like history at school actually impedes innovation. Through out school and engineering I recall
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Making the move from - vendor - to - process partner?

India has to move forward from just backroom office support to business processing The IT enabled services segment in India is growing significantly. This is mainly due to the continuing measly growth rates of global economy in addition to the
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On a Mission

The Mission Statement: Thoughtsoft’s Mission is to provide the best service to its customers, have excellent relationship with its vendors, and provide a motivating and fulfilling atmosphere for its employees and be a good corporate citizen in
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Harnessing Adversity:

Failure can be used to one’s advantage to drive change.   Management guru Sumantra Ghoshal once said “Nothing fails like success and nothing fails as spectacularly as spectacular success.”   It is said
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Finally A Formula - Theory of market relativity

On crossing the Tipping Point suddenly a product or an idea gains exponential momentum and incremental efforts give phenomenal returns. Before the tipping point is reached a lot of effort is required for small gains. This phenomenon was discussed in
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Transformation Of Market Opportunity For India - Part II

C.K. Prahalad  the renowned management guru who coined the term Core Competency, shares his views on how the Indian Industry can leap frog into a leadership position by taking advantage of how the markets and customers are transforming.