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Righteousness by DESIGN

An enabling environment is like oxygen giving life to a great vision Listening to our President Dr.APJ Abdul Kalam elevates the mind and spirit. His talk always inspires hope of a better future, India as a developed nation and his excellency
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Be Googled

Yahoo, MSN, Google…. Who will be the winner, and the impact on our world   An article in the Economist and exchange of emails with Management Consultant V.N. Bhattacharya triggered these thoughts. The Economist published an
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Nurturing Innovations

Though there are many good products crying for acclaim, our critics are not very concerned. A Chip from India   A popular statement for industry cynics is, “Whatever maybe the achievements of the IT industry in terms of
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Making Things World Class

Bangalore has become a word in the English language - and that's not all it has to feel proud of. Apart from being No. 1 in outsourcing, there are many things that take pride in being labeled ‘Made in Bangalore'. So what does it really
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Tapping the Wisdom of the Crowds

In certain situations the crowd is much smarter than the smartest individual. Businesses in the new age are leveraging this and some of these rules can be applied to teams and groups. The Internet is changing a lot of things. One of the most
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Bad Leadership

What It Is, How It Happens, Why It Matters This book not only gives innumerable examples of bad leadership but provides bold insights and the real role of a leader’s follower. It can even prove to be a yard-stick for a good leader to
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Responsibility. Whose is it?

Some fundamentals need to be looked at when discussing Corporate Social Responsibility. Hurray to CSR. Companies building townships, an association of companies teaming up to find solutions to the traffic problems of the city, companies
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Corporates with a conscience

After years of preaching by management gurus on the need for corporate social responsibility, the tide is moving in the right direction. Companies took time to understand the essence of philanthropy when done to a larger section of the society,
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Ethical Profit

The obsession with profits has led to several undesirable and unethical business practices, which in a course of time will lead to a company's doom. Business and Society have been interdependent for ages. There is no doubt that for a
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Tales of sensitivity

Our latest issue on corporate social responsibility has been quite a journey. We learnt about the many experiments in weaving the corporate world and the society into a harmonious fabric. There have been charity programs to help the needy and