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Designed to succeed

Shiri is the innovative founder of Sinett, a chip design firm creating patented product for the enterprise level WLAN. He also found Maverick Networks and is the chief architect of the StrataSwitch family. Under his leadership, the StrataSwitch
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A Method to the Madness

Uncertainty, turbulence, chaos; these words keep ringing when speaking of the business environment these days. The worst seemed to have been over after the collective business hibernation, which followed September 11. Business confidence was slowly
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Best practices you could learn from

Every organisation has its way of functioning, work culture and management process. Many of them go by established ideas, while some try out radical ideas. Some succeed; some don’t and have to be reworked. Whatever be our organizational style
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Webs of Innovation

B K Ramesh of Dearborn Electronics, India, shares with us his way of managing innovation by finding webs of innovation and ‘hooking’ with it. What are webs of innovation?   A web of innovation is a pattern in which
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Must-have business ethics

When firms become too large and fall in the category of corporates, interaction between the promoters of the business and customers or consumers diminishes significantly. Corporates then employ people to cater to customers and attend to public
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On streamlining best practices

The culture of one organization doesn’t work in another, some say. Others feel that best practices can be replicated and there are standard ways of implementing them. We invited G P Sudhakar, consultant, Siemens Communications, and L Prabhakar
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Leader, unpackaged

Popular concepts on leadership are getting outdated. Razzle and dazzle may not necessarily be the hallmarks of true leaders.     The thought first occurred in an interview the Businessgyan team had with Muthuraman, MD of
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Incy Wincy Spider...

Looking for inspiration for business strategy from Nature There is an old African saying that goes like this: “Every morning in Africa a LION wakes up. It knows it must outrun the weakest gazelle or it will starve to death
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Mission Critical

A step by step approach to establishing direction, strategy and motivation in your organization A business cannot make much progress unless a fundamental change in the employees’ attitudes is brought about. Your employees have to be
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Strategy is Bunkum! Or is it?

Understanding what it stands for might hold the answer. My friend was exasperated at the very mention of ‘strategy.’ “I do not believe in it!” He proceeded to tell me how their company had spent a lot of time and money in