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Balanced Score Card

Natarajan Iyer VP - Human Resources - QuEST   QuEST has developed an integrated system to link the entire intangible value management. Mr. Natarajan Iyer, explains this in detail and shares his story on being selected as a Change Master
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Yeh andar ki baat hai

Harish Bijoor CEO, Harish Bijoor Consults, spoke about the change from external branding, which is hollow and empty but still obvious, to internal branding which is not obvious. He was speaking at the event ‘Celebrating Change’ organized
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Careers in Financial research

As the world is shrinking in to a global village and physical distances diminish. We have become a single work space interconnected by technological advancements that have led organizations sourcing its work from places where it is economically more
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Q & A with the Panel of "Celebrating Change"

Change is tough and change is the only constant in any area of work. ‘Celebrating Change', organized by Businessgyan and TASMAC witnessed various companies presenting their ‘change' initiatives. The event ended with a Question
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Accelerating Change

The world is changing because of collaboration and  there is a big change in the way Sun develops software. Mr. Vijay Anand, Vice President, Sun Microsystems India P Ltd and Managing Director, Sun India Engineering Centre, Bangalore was
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Value Innovation

Prof. Raghunath, IIMB spoke on how companies can deliberately cut costs while increasing value, at the "Celebrating Change- U know Best " event. The concept of Value Innovation is a very simple concept. It is about trying to
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Concrete Change

Raj Pillai Vice President -Development - RMC Spotting an opportunity and making it concrete.  Mr. Raj Pillai shares his story on being selected as a Change Master in the Celebrating Change Event Organised by Businessgyan and TASMAC
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Be The Change

Dr. Giri Dua ,Chairman-TASMAC shares his journey from being a Clerk to running a successful business  at the event  ‘Celebrating Change' organized by Businessgyan in association with TASMAC   Dr.Giri Dua spoke
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Celebrating Change - U know best

Celebrating Change - U  know best - was an initiative of Businessgyan and TASMAC to encourage, broadcast and share new and novel ideas of enterprising people. The response was indeed heartening. Here are the excerpts of few of the interesting
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Creating a Critical Mass- The bioCampus Venture

Anand Gupta, Regional Manager ( Asia Pacific South), Accelrys Software Solutions Pvt Ltd   No business, no customers, so how about creating your own eco-system? Mr. Anand Gupta shares his story on being selected as a Change Master in