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Musings on Scaling Up.

When I was planning to start my own business, I went around seeking advice. Two of which I recall vividly. Kumar Jaghirdar a seasoned Stock Broker based in Bangalore, told me, "People spend today based on what they might earn in the future,
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Winning In New India

  Excerpts of the speech by Prof. J Ramachandran, Professor in Corporate Strategy & Policy Area at IIM Bangalore. Though the topic is Winning In New India, A lot of my work in the past few years has been focused on firms that have
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TalentPro India Human Resource Training Division - Changing Reflections

TalentPro India HR Pvt Ltd is one of the fastest growing Human Resources services providers.   TalentPro finds pride in-   1.    Having over 92% customer retention rate   2.   
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Visions and Trends 2007

Yet another calendar year is drawing near its close. Even though the current financial year will only wrap up in March 2007, probable industry prospects in 2007 have once again gained focus, as business men and women seek this information from
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How Does Toyota Do it? (Book Review)

When Matthew May was asked to help translate the Toyota Production System for the knowledge worker, he thought: “Huh? It doesn’t make any sense. Everyone knows factory work isn’t creative, right?”How wrong he was. He found that factory workers
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Technology Provides High-Speed Verification and Complete Bug Visibility

Bangalore, January 9, 2007 - Synplicity, Inc., a leading supplier of software for the design and verification of semiconductors, released details on its TotalRecal . Full Visibility Technology.  Synplicity believes that this new technology will
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The panel discussion arranged by Dale Carnegie and Business world on 30th august 2006 was well received by the audience comprising of CEOs, senior HR heads and academicians. It was more of a collective experience which the participants were
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Realm of Possibility.

We need to unlearn a lot to be able to step into the realm of innovation The way we are taught science, math and perhaps even other soft subjects like history at school actually impedes innovation. Through out school and engineering I
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Brigade Group releases 2007 calendar “Themed Magical Mysore”

Brigade Group released their annual calendar for the year 2007 at the Bangalore Golf Club. The calendar was released by chief guest, Mr. Kumar Naik, IAS, Commissioner of the Department of Tourism. This year's calendar is titled "
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‘Zyme’s Innovative Outsourced Service Model is Subject of New Case Study

INSEAD, a graduate business schools, has selected Zyme Solutions and its innovative outsourcing business model in the area of distribution channel analytics as the subject of a business case study.  Christoph H. Loch, Professor of Technology