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Do You Need To Be A Jerk To Be A Successful Entrepreneur?

From: Recommended by: Balaji Pasumarthy  By: Vinod Khosla Steve Jobs is an inspiration for a lot of Entrepreneurs, Entrepreneurs would like to emulate him. But does it mean that you need to emulate his
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We all know about leadership in a general way, and there is no simple formula that would apply to all. However there are 7 Essentials for Successful Leadership. These are addressed in my blog on Leadership.
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Awareness - the Magic Mirror

If only we all had a way to look at ourselves objectively... we would surely all be more effective and efficient. We would surely not have made many mistakes, and we could also have reached success earlier. So what is the MIRROR? How do we use this
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Climbing the Everest!

In my list of 100 things to do before I die, Climbing the Everest is one that excites me and scares me at the same time.  The intention of writing this post is to share an inspiring and insightful encounter I had with a man who has climbed the
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Analysing your leadership Attitude

Anaylsing Your Style How do you lead your group? What is your attitude to both them and the task at hand? Impoverished Management (low concern for the task, low concern for people). This style is characterised by minimal effort on your part,