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New Ownership at CareerBuilder Means Cost-Cutting, Layoffs, and Departing Executives

It’s not 1999 anymore. There was a time when anything with a dot-com at the end of it was akin to a rocket ship blasting to a moon made of money. Job boards like were thought to have tremendous...
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What You Need to Do If a Layoff Comes

In rapidly changing markets, layoffs are a possibility in any industry, at any time, and are bound to send shock waves through an organization. Organizations often change direction in response to market needs and pressures or will jettison one line
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Snap cuts 100 employees as it fights to survive

Snapchat's staff is disappearing.  Snap Inc. is laying off about 100 employees, Bloomberg first reported on Thursday, in its latest step to restructure the company after aggressive hiring over the last few years.  This round of layoffs is
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How Recruiters Can Use Layoff Announcements to Source Candidates and Help Others

Whenever I heard about layoffs, I would think, “Hmm, I want to contact those being affected and see if I can recruit them for my open jobs.” As I did this, I learned, “Hey, a lot of the unaffected people...
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Wipro, Infy layoffs: It is not as bad as it looks as the sector is growing

From: Hindustan Times Recommended by: Hindustan times News of retrenchment does not seem to stop pouring out of the $150 billion Indian IT sector. Their challenges are many: Automation, artificial intelligence, global gloom and
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ESPN killed something else with its layoffs its best hope to reach millennials TrueHoop podcasts

From: Mashable By Adario Strange Recommended by: Mashable "Stop hitting yourself... Stop hitting yourself..."That's the sound of ESPN bullying itself into irrelevance as we've now learned that the self-described "worldwide leader
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Donald Trump to seek jobs advice from firms offshoring work to India, others

From: Hindustan Times Recommended by: Hindustan times President Donald Trump, who has vowed to stop US manufacturing from disappearing overseas, will seek job-creation advice on Thursday from at least five companies that are laying off
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Your Culture In Need of a Makeover? Start Here

The U.S. Labor Department reported last week that jobless claims (unemployment claims) hit a 43-year low. Employee retention is rising everywhere as employers are more reluctant to lay off workers in a strong labor market. It would appear that we
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Reports Say Walmart to Layoff Hundreds In HR

Reports are circulating that Walmart will layoff as many as 1,000 workers at its Bentonville, Arkansas headquarters and in regional offices. Many or most of those jobs will be in human resources, the reports say. The Wall Street Journal was the