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Hire for the Company, Not for a Manager

Hiring by committee is a critical decision that you must make in the early days of the company, or must instate if it’s not present. No single individual, no matter how bright or powerful, should be the ultimate decision-maker, even...
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Report: Google paid Android creator Andy Rubin a ton of cash following sexual misconduct allegations

Andy Rubin, the creator of Android, is a very wealthy man.  According to a blockbuster report from the New York Times, that's thanks in no small part to a $90 million payment from Google as company executives ushered him out the door while
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You can explore the garage where Google was born on Street View

To celebrate Google's 20th birthday, the tech giant is opening up the garage it was founded in, plus a bunch of other fun things. The Google garage, as it was in 1998, is now explorable on Street View, complete with many CRT monitors, cables galore
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10 absurd Travis Kalanick quotes from the Waymo-Uber trial

Travis Kalanick, the former CEO of ride-hailing app Uber, let out some laughs, reminisced about old colleagues, and shared his awe over flying cars during several hours of questioning in a San Francisco courtroom this week. Quick overview: Kalanick
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How Google became the most valuable business in the world

From: Mashable By Seth Fiegerman Recommended by: Mashable By the middle of 2010, it was clear that something was broken at Google.Investors, analysts and members of the media who once touted the company's fast growth started to
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Today is the last day of Google as you know it

Google as you know it is about to change forever... ish.The Internet giant announced Friday that it expects to transition its stock from "Google Inc" to "Alphabet" at the end of the business day, marking the official start of the next era of Google
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Google searches for a new identity

Google's new logo has been parodied, criticized as being too childish and subject to numerous thinkpieces explaining the psychological and design principles that explain why we "hate" it.But look past all the fuss over the logo's design and new font
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Google's Alphabet rollout could still be a Qwikster-like farce

Remember Qwikster? If you were a Netflix user in 2011, or simply a fan of major business debacles, chances are you do.To recap: Qwikster was born when Netflix CEO Reed Hastings was trying to deal with customer fury over the fact that he'd split his