KwikPayLite – An Easy-To-Use Payroll software

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Sysnet Associates has recently launched a payroll software called KwikPayLite.

Sysnet Associates (India) Pvt. Ltd is a Software products company, focused on providing cost-effective and modern Business Software products for emerging enterprises.


Sysnet has recently launched a payroll software called KwikPayLite. It is a simple and easy-to-use payroll software for Small and Medium sized businesses. It is a ready-to-use shrink-wrapped product available at bookstores and with resellers.




* KwikPayLite covers all statutory requirements like computation of PF, ESI, Professional Tax, Bonus and TDS.


* All necessary statutory reports like Form 3A, Form 6A, Form 5, Form 10, Form 12A, Form 16, etc are covered. In addition to the statutory reports, Salary Register, Payslips, PF Register, ESI Register, etc., are also provided. 


* The software comes with a built-in Tutor covering all the functional features. A detailed Help is also available.


* KwikPayLite is very easy to install and runs on most windows based computers.


* KwikPayLite does not require any third party database or programming.


* Special IT staff are also not required to maintain this software, it can be maintained by the users themselves.


* It uses SpApp, Sysnet's Enterprise AppMaker technology.


Advantages of KwikPayLite:


* Normally, payroll activities take up several hours to complete, even if the number of employees are only about 50. But users of KwikPayLite are able to compete their payroll activities for the month in just an hour even if the number of employees is more than 100.


* Data entry of attendance information generally takes a lot of time. Attendance details have to be entered even if an employee was not absent from work for the given month. This was necessary for calculating the monthly salary. KwikPayLite has a feature called ‘Action' which reduces the time taken to enter attendance data by more than 90%. The Action process takes only about a minute to add the attendance data for about 100 employees.


* The Action feature is also available to process the salary for a given month. This has proved to be very helpful. The salary for the given month is calculated for all employees, at one go. All reports are immediately available for printing/viewing. Salary for the month can also be re-calculated for all employees by using the Action feature.


* Loss of Pay can be applied based on the attendance data. User has the option to deduct pay only on Basic & DA or on all earnings.


* Options are available to apply statutory deductions or not. The percentage of statutory deductions like PF & ESI can be changed as and when the rules change. The users can do these changes very quickly, on their own. 


* A special feature to hold the Employee's Photo & Signature has been provided in KwikPayLite. This feature was found to be very useful for companies dealing with security or housekeeping services.


* It is the lowest priced software in the payroll domain, in India. Yet, it is a modern and very powerful software.


Reports: All necessary reports are immediately available to view/print as soon as the salary for the month is processed. All reports can be saved as an Excel file and users of KwikPayLite have appreciated this feature. Some of the reports covered are Pay Slip, Salary Statement, Monthly statutory registers for PF/ESI/PT/TDS, PF Form 3A & 6A, PF Form 5 & 10, Form 16, etc.


Learning: Users of KwikPayLite were able to get started in using the application in a very short period. KwikPayLite has a built-in Tutor covering all the functions. The tutor actually shows how a particular task is carried out. A well-explained help facility is also available covering all the topics of KwikPayLite.


Maintenance: The end users can maintain the application by themselves without the help of any IT staff. This has encouraged many small & medium size companies to buy & use KwikPayLite. Admin functions like Backup & Restore, Purge old data, Users Maintenance, Export & Import of Data and many more are available in KwikPayLite. 


Users also have the access to the Business Logic applied in KwikPayLite. Using the feature of SpecGuide, users can modify these business logics or even include new logic to suit their specific requirements. For example, a new Earning Head can be included or an unused Earning Head can be removed or changed.


Cost: KwikPayLite costs just Rs.990/- only. With KwikPayLite, your TCO is the least ever. This is an affordable solution for Small and Medium sized businesses that are planning to computerize their Payroll operations. As the business grows, these companies can update to a multi-user license at a very low cost. KwikPayLite runs on existing windows-based computers. There is no need for special IT staff or third party database. It is available at leading bookstores and with software resellers.


For further information, please contact us, at Ph: 6534 5444, 6450 3502 or send an email to


by B.S. Chandrashekar - Product Manager & T. Manju Gowda - Software Manager, Sysnet Associates (India) Pvt. Ltd.

Issue BG88 July08


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