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Vicarious Surgical, startup that uses VR and robotics lands $16.8M in funding

From: Via: RT @ExponentialMed: Vicarious Surgical, startup that uses #VR and #robotics lands $16.75M in funding
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The Future of Medicine, From a Leader in Venture Capital

From:   By: Eric J. Topol Via: RT @mgperry: The Future of Medicine
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Khosla Ventures’ Companies Making A Difference Right Now

From:   By: Vinod Khosla Via: 15/17. Reinventing Societal Infrastructure
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Khosla Ventures leads $50 million investment in Vicarious’ AI tech

From:   By: Bérénice Magistretti Via: Khosla Ventures leads $50
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Israeli AI code co Codota raises $2m

From: Via: No need for developers to search for code with text search! Codota to become the ideal artificial pair
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This Is Neat: Billionaire Vinod Khosla Is Betting On A Handheld Diagnostic Test

From:   By: Matthew Herper Via: RT @HyperWellbeing: This Is Neat:
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PatternEx Announces $7.8 Million Series A Financing Round Led by Khosla Ventures

From: Via: I suspect AI si going to be futrue of most good security products. Leveraging humans to do security better