Khosla and Church: How Two Legends See the Future of AI-Enhanced Synthetic Biology

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  By: John Cumbers
Looking forward to this fireside chat with @geochurch on the Future of AI-Enhanced Synthetic Biology on Oct. 4:

I’m excited to announce that two legends of two different tech worlds – Vinod Khosla and George Church – will engage in a fireside chat at this year’s SynBioBeta San Francisco.

Khosla is an entrepreneur, investor and technologist. He co-founded the first significant computer-aided design system for electrical engineers and founded Sun Microsystems. A Silicon Valley legend, he’s been involved in semiconductor companies, computer networking and ad-based search, among many other ventures. At Khosla Ventures, he focuses on both for-profit and social impact investments. He recently joined Silicon Valley investors Sam Altman, Max Levchin, Matt Ocko, Peter Thiel, Eric Schmidt in their pivots to investing in the synthetic biology industry.

Church is a cutting-edge genomicist