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Is someone hijacking your Spotify? Here's what I did when it happened to me.

For years, I've had a bit of a digital pen pal. His name is Kevin. He loves music, "Coffee Table Jazz" in particular. He owns an Amazon Echo, through which he listens to his lovely, soothing John Coltrane trumpet croons. He doesn't often listen
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Fergie performed a jazzy rendition of the national anthem. It did not go well.

Alright, where do you even start with a performance like this. Pop star and Black Eyed Peas singer Fergie opened the NBA All-Star game with her rendition of the national anthem, and by goodness, it was an interesting rendition to say the least. SEE
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Why L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti Relies On Jazz And Ruzzle To Get Through His Day

Since taking office in 2013, Los Angeles mayor Eric Garcetti has tackled tough issues such as water conservation, raising the minimum wage, and homelessness. His next order of business? "Being a builder," says the onetime international affairs