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Yes, Coca-Cola slushies in a pouch are a thing

Japan seems to be the place to be if you want wild Coca-Cola variations. Not content with talking about putting booze in their soda, the drinks company has debuted a slushie version that does away with those Frozen Coke machines that seem to break
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Japan now has a Pokémon governor and it's not who you'd think

The Udon prefecture in Japan, previously known as the Kagawa prefecture, just appointed their first Pokémon governor. We're really hoping this is just a joke gone viral. Read more...More about Mashable Video, Japan, Pokemon, Press Conference
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Google to build new undersea cable in Asia and Australia

If you live in Japan, Guam, or Australia, your internet may be about to get faster.  Google has announced that it has invested in a new undersea cable: the Japan-Guam-Australia (JGA) Cable System.  SEE ALSO: Are Google's Underwater Cables
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Delightful Japanese mascot has its own special use for the baggage claim

Wacky mascots need to travel too.  The Mysterious Fish, mascot of Japanese baseball team, the Chiba Lotte Marines, landed at the Honolulu Airport over the weekend. Thankfully, it was not hounded by the paparazzi and was able to procure its body
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The UAE: Poised to Become a Leader In HR Analytics

Within the Middle East region, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) combines a large economy with an attractive growth rate and high levels of personal income. In fact, the country can boast a higher nominal GDP per capita than South Korea...
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How the Medical Industry is Improving Life for Japan’s Aging Population - SPONSOR CONTENT FROM THE GOVERNMENT OF JAPAN

Everyone in Japan knows its citizenry is getting older at a faster rate than that of any other nation. But for outsiders, the most striking insight may be that the Japanese want to face aging well. In fact, by government edict, the goal is to direct
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Toyota created a basketball-playing robot that never misses a free throw

A Toyota-sponsored Japanese basketball team Alvark Tokyo has just unveiled 'CUE,' a basketball-playing robot that has perfect accuracy when it comes to free throws. When they pitted the robot against professional players, CUE won, but apart from its
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The dog that was accidentally flown to Japan reunited with his family, and it is pure bliss

For once, a United Airlines pet story got a happy ending.  Earlier this week, Irgo the German shepherd was accidentally placed on a United flight to Japan, instead of to his intended destination of Kansas City. When his family went to pick him
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Dog on United Airlines flight accidentally gets sent to Japan

United Airlines can't seem to get things right when it comes to pets on their flights. Per the Guardian, a German shepherd named Irgo bound for Kansas City, Mo. was accidentally sent to Japan on Tuesday evening. When his family went to the airport
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Why the Pharmaceutical Industry is Booming in Japan - SPONSOR CONTENT FROM THE GOVERNMENT OF JAPAN

  Older people need more medicine. That rule of life is no secret to pharmaceutical companies across the globe. Many also realize that Japan’s rapidly aging population presents a unique business opportunity. Japan remains the world’