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A brief outline of various technology options available for call centers

Technology plays a crucial role in Call Centers from the operational point of view as it enables handling of high volume telephony traffic for servicing customers and dramatic improvement in call service rates, customer satisfaction and agent
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Call Centers - Trends to look out for

Before we get into the article we would like to make a point clear. We have assumed here that, as the business comes increasingly from the US and from tech-savvy companies and service industries, current and immediate future trends that are visible
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Developing business for Call Centers - A few perspectives

The first thing that strikes when you dwell on this aspect of Call centers is the mere irony of it. India as a Call Center destination is sold and is top of the mind for most senior executives in the US and other key markets. India has Call Centers
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Do You Think In English ?

With the slowdown in IT, the new option for all those young graduates passing out of colleges with a degree, IT enabled services in specific e-CRM is the new ladder to a successful career. A career in e-CRM opens a world of opportunity for young men
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A Step-by-Step guide to setting up a Call Center

Every customer-centric organisation needs a Call Center these days. And every bottomline conscious MNC needs a back office in low cost labour markets like India. To aid the increasing number of businesses and professionals rushing to set up a Call