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Software-coolies to software's cool guys

The Indian IT sector needs to graduate to the next level of product and solution development and marketing and not rest on past laurels The Indian IT sector is continuing to be the country’s fastest growing segment, even in these times of
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In the call center industry COPC provides the framework and standards for improving performance AKN Prasad General Manager (Service Delivery) IBackoffice India provides insights into COPC. COPC (Customer Operations Performance Center Inc.) is
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The shape of the bpo market in times to come!

The fact that outsourcing has emerged as an attractive business proposition from the supply side in the past few years is well known as also the advantages that India enjoys in this context. What we would be attempting through this article is to
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BPO - A brief outline and roadmap

When I was a six-year-old kid (about 30 years back), the first time I heard the term “outsourcing” was from my uncle who had decided to get his daughter married to an Indian doctor from California. The doctor flew down to India to get
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Business Process Outsourcing - Some legal guidelines

With Business Process Outsourcing or what is commonly called BPO gaining popularity in India particularly in the Banking, Finance and the Insurance sectors, it is relevant and appropriate to discuss or find out the various legal aspects for running
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Business Process Outsourcing - An overview

This article put together based on inputs from two senior executives, out own reading of various research and conference reports is sort of a guide for companies keen on entering the BPO arena. Starting with definition, the article traverses through
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Business Process Outsourcing - Are we on the right track?

Moderator: Jai Xavier Prabhu David Independent Observer: Balaji Pasumarthy Panel Members: Josey John is Founder of PerZuade a content company and a media analyst. Dave Prabhu is a New-York based Consultant specializing in transition
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Cultural and Social Challenges for Call Center Organizations

Since most of you would be aware of call centers and their applications let me start with a personal perspective of mine about the current trend in favor of call centers. The current phenomenon of call centers or for e-CRM companies is actually
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Setting up of Calls Centres A legal perspective

The opportunity presented by the call center industry to India, need not be overemphasised. In this article we will try and give you some idea as to the various legal perspectives concerning Call Centres to enable you to take a well-informed
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Call Center Training - No Signs of Slowdown

It is like the proverbial gold rush where more than the diggers, it is actually the people who sold the pixels and axes who made the fortune. Here, we are talking about the specialized training providers to the mushrooming call center industry in