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What Next for Indian IT?

  Over the past decade or so, Indian IT businesses have led the crafting of the image of a knowledge based India to the world. Reams have been written about and sound-bites by the GB have been expounded on the industry dynamics, the
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ITES-BPO Summit-2006

    The focus of the recent NASSCOMS's 9th ITES-BPO Summit-2006 in Bangalore was ‘How the industry can emerge as the benchmark in global outsourcing and continue the package of benefits to overseas investors'.
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Bumpy Road?

Despite the promise and potential presented by the Call Center industry in India and all those rosy projections of US$17 billion, it is quite true that the industry is right now sort of evolving and faces a road ahead that is bumpy. And most senior
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Merit List

Born in Hubli, brought up in Bangalore - Madan Padaki comes from a middle-class family. He has done his engineering from NIE, Mysore and MBA from SP Jain Institute of Mgmt &  Research, Mumbai. Madan says "I have grown up with a
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It's time for medical data mining

Medical records at your fingertips can mean saving so many lives. It can also mean a big fillip to the Indian pharmaceutical industry. Did you know that of the more than a billion population that India has, medical database in electronic format
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Outsourcing HR services

HR services have been the BPO industry’s pet, and trends show that it will continue to be so. One of the maxims of strategic sourcing is: “If you can’t measure it, you can’t outsource it.” But this is not entirely
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Coding to glory

Here’s a profile of the hottest niche BPO industry: medical coding While the Medical Transcription sector is on a fast recovery mode, another niche front is opening up. Medical coding is one of the areas where Indian technical
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The Bpo story: Build, buy, Bot?

Everyone’s in it, owns it or wants to be a part of it. That could be good for India, but go ahead on this road with your eyes wide open. The BPO industry in India is taking off at a great speed, with all sorts of MNCs, big Indian
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It's more than that right accent

Over the last few years, the global Business Process Outsourcing industry has undergone a rapid transformation. While the Indian BPO industry is not even a decade old, there is much heated discussion about the maturity attained by this industry, the
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Animation: much ado about 'something!'

Creativity, too, can be outsourced. Indian animation cos show how. A silent technological revolution happened once Emile Courtet created the world's first animated cartoon on standard picture film in 1908. There was no stopping the