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Review: PureVPN delivers on good online security, but not much else

PureVPN $69 (3-year plan) View Product The Good Industry-standard security features • Simple to use • Works with torrenting The Bad Logs some of your information • Slow-to-average internet speeds • Bad chat support
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Siri's new 'Shortcuts' and 'Suggestions' are boring, but that's a good thing

Sound that airhorn: Apple just gave Siri some much-needed updates that are ... not exactly mind-blowing. But given Siri's shortcomings up to this point, it's a step in the right direction.  Siri won't be making creepy phone calls on your behalf
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Amazon has deals on Fitbits to help you with your summer fitness #goals

Summer is practically here, kids. It’s crunch time (literally) if you’re still waiting to see some results on that summer body you’ve been talking about for months. Luckily, Amazon is hooking it up with some awesome Fitbit deals to
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Poor Recruiting Is Killing Retail — the Top 12 Tips for Stopping the Pain

The biggest threat to retail isn’t Amazon. It’s poor recruiting! Skeptical? Well, look no further than the recent announcement that the famous and profitable Napa Valley restaurant Terra is closing because “we can’t get staff
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New MacOS 10.14 features appear to leak ahead of WWDC 2018

It wouldn't be a huge annual trade show without a few appetite-whetting leaks. Just a few short days before Apple's Worldwide Developer's Conference (WWDC) kicks off on June 4, an apparent leaks points to some incoming MacOS updates. While there's
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It looks like a bird, it flies like a bird

From: Via: @narendramodi Sir this project is something we should get involved in
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Transform your productivity for less than $10 with this mind-mapping tool

Sometimes it seems like the rigors of the modern workplace require our brains to be running at 110% capacity, 25 hours a day. In keeping up with such a hectic pace, it’s small wonder we even remember to eat lunch and use the bathroom, let
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Ticketfly hacker threatens to release more stolen data

As far as blackmail goes, it was a relatively small request.  The hacker who claims to have gained access to a host of data from Ticketfly, prompting the Eventbrite-owned ticketing company to pull its site offline sometime late last night, told
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6 of the best on-ear headphones, according to online reviews

If bulky over-ear headphones and tiny earbuds had a baby, it'd probably look a lot like a set of on-ear headphones. The good news is that you get to enjoy the best of both worlds. That's because on-ear headphones have the benefit of having speakers