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Moto P30 is the most ridiculous iPhone X clone yet

Shortly after the iPhone X launched with its notched screen, many Android phone makers started producing... well, similar phones. Devices like the Xiaomi Mi 8 and Vivo V9 had similarly notched screens, but at least there where minor differences:
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The best iPhone and Samsung deals in July 2018

Quotes for mobile phone contracts can sometimes be extortionate. The majority of people fall under the trap of thinking a deal proposed by their current provider for a new 24 month contract is the best bang for their buck. SEE ALSO: The cheapest VPN
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If you want the fastest data speeds, get a new Android, not an iPhone

Apple's iPhone X is one of the most advanced smartphones you can buy, successfully combining an edge-to-edge display, best-in-class cameras, fast performance, and a secure operating system into a stunning glass and metal sandwich. But for all of the
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Everything we know about the upcoming low-cost 'iPhone 9'

As surely as the leaves will turn color, Apple will announce new iPhones this fall. Based on the flood of rumors and purported leaks hitting the internet daily, we're expecting three new iPhones. The 5.8-inch iPhone X will probably get a refresh of
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The next iPad could have this iPhone X feature

The next iPad could get a serious upgrade.  On Monday evening, Apple developer Steven Troughton-Smith tweeted iOS 12 code that he believes shows evidence Apple will be launching an iPad with Face ID.  New in iOS 12: AvatarKit comes to
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Apple has fixed the most annoying thing about iPhone X

The gestures that have replaced the home button on iPhone X generally work great. But one of them is so impossibly, unnecessarily dumb it made my head explode every time I had to use it: closing apps.  SEE ALSO: Turn yourself into an emoji with
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iOS 12 fixes the iPhone X's horrible screenshot problem

It looks like Apple is finally finally finally fixing one of the worst problems with the iPhone X: unwanted screenshots. The iOS 12 beta makes it harder to accidentally take screenshots when picking up the phone, according to people who've tested
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We fooled the OnePlus 6's face unlock with a printed photo

One of the OnePlus 6's (and 5T's) best features is face unlock. It's arguably the fastest on any phone, but the caveat is that it's way less secure than, say, the iPhone X's Face ID. Just how insecure is the OnePlus 6's face unlock? A video shared
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Behold, the Tesla iPhone X complete with solar panel charging

Remember the company that created the iPhone 6S with Putin's head encrusted in gold? Well, they're back with a raaaaather different homage—this time, to Elon Musk.  Russian phone accessory maker Caviar—renowned for its ultra-
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Will the iPhone SE 2 have a notch just like the iPhone X?

Like it or not, the notch — that little cutout made famous by the iPhone X — is a thing for new phones. No matter if it's iPhone or Android, the notch is here for the foreseeable future. Rumor has it Apple's upcoming iPhone SE,