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Can you say what your strategy is?

In the HBR article by that title David Collis and Michael Rukstad propose that a short statement ensures clarity and employee alignment. Objective, scope, and advantage are its three components. Objective. Strategy must have a specific end in
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Unplugging the Mystery of Startup Valuations

The mystery of startup valuations has existed since the day 1st startup was born! This topic is fundamental, emotional, scientific and artistic at the same  time. I have been asked this question often, and in different forms like "What is
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Magic behind financial projections in a startup

One question I have been repeatedly asked in all entrepreneurship events recently has been "How important is Financial Projection for a startup?". Like all subjective questions, the answer can range from "highly important" to
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How to start an Incubation center?

Entrepreneurship in India is on the verge of explosive growth. This also throws new opportunities for the eco-system to take shape. Angel investors, venture capital, media, startup clubs, service providers, mentors and training companies