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Venture-a-Question: On Start-up Valuation

From:   By: Anjana Vivek Via: Venture-a-Question: On Start-up
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Venture-a-Question: On Start-up Valuation

From: By Anjana VivekRecommended by: anjanaOn the Art and Science of START-UP VALUATION, the post further has some with a link to an expert 1 hour session on startup valuation at IIIT Bangalore: Here is an extract from the post "As
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Should You Find Investors? Consider These Alternatives First

As an entrepreneur, you’re constantly looking to earn the capital needed to pull in more customers to purchase your goods or services. For many business owners, getting that cash infusion means slicing off a piece of equity and feeding it to
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What the Decline in Venture Capital Funding Means for Entrepreneurs

From: Via: Some pointers for entrepreneurs.. largely live and die by the
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MemSQL Raises $36m in Series C Round

From: Via: @memsql making a mark on the relational database market“At Caffeinated Capital, we
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Peabody Coals bankruptcy would be rocket fuel to end investment in old energy companies

From: Mashable By Andrew Freedman Recommended by: Mashable A large bulldozer sits ready for work at Peabody Energy's Gateway Coal Mine near Coulterville, Ill in March, 2006. Image: Seth Perlman/APThe campaign to convince investors
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Why startup investors love online marketplaces

From: By Recommended by: balaji Nice article, which captures how new business models are emerging and how disruption is taking place in the industry.Online marketplaces, also known as platform companies, are sprouting
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Dear Investors: So You Want to Take Diversity Seriously (Part 1)

From:   By: Mitch & Freada Kapor Via: Fantastic post by @mkapor about