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Building a Service Culture: Interview with Keynote Speaker Agency

This interview was first posted  by our friends at the keynote speaker agency Far from being a slave, the service provider is the most valuable person of all, because they are the source that is generating the [...]
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Sarah Palin interview may have been cut from Sacha Baron Cohen's 'Who Is America?'

Sacha Baron Cohen shows no mercy to his interviewees — except, perhaps, for one very notable exception. At a panel for the Television Critic's Association on Monday, Showtime entertainment president Gary Levine revealed that the Sarah Palin
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Sacha Baron Cohen's interview with Roy Moore might be the most cringe-inducing yet

Another week, another U.S. politician caught out by Sacha Baron Cohen. SEE ALSO: Sacha Baron Cohen's new show: Is it worth watching? On Monday morning, Showtime released a clip from the third episode of Cohen's Who Is America? mockumentary featuring
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FULL VIDEO: Karan Thapar Interviews Ram Guha | Fault Lines of The Republic

From: Via: I liked a @YouTube video FULL VIDEO: Karan Thapar Interviews Ram Guha | Fault Lines of
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Sarah Palin tears into Sacha Baron Cohen after being 'duped' into fake interview

Sarah Palin thought she was going to be in a "legit Showtime historical documentary." Turns out, it was just a prank by trickster Sacha Baron Cohen. For his anticipated new seven-episode series Who Is America? Cohen has apparently been filming
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Using Incentives to Attract Interviewees — Don’t Miss This Trend

If you are having difficulty getting prospects to interview, join the trend of offering qualified candidates incentives for interviewing or job acceptance. This might initially sound like a crazy idea until you realize that using incentives to
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Academic gives totally normal TV interview with a cat on his head

The news is very bad, but this cat is very good.  Dutch news show Nieuwsuur was interviewing Polish academic Jerzy Targalski about the controversial forced removal of Poland's top Supreme Court judge when Targalski's cat Lisio demanded a moment
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An Interview Question to Jump Start Engagement

I recently read an online article with this advice to all job-seekers preparing for an interview: “If the prospective employer doesn’t give you a chance to ask questions, at the end of the interview, ask if you may ask one...
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Celebrity takes part in super awkward interview, magazine prints entire transcript

There are plenty of reasons a celebrity interview might go viral. It could be really funny, for instance, or really off the rails. Maybe everyone descends into wild laughter. Or it could just be mind-bogglingly, hilariously awkward. SEE ALSO: Hard-