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Salma Hayek isn't down with Barbie's Frida Kahlo doll

Salma Hayek is not here for Barbie's Frida Kahlo doll. For International Women's Day this year, Barbie celebrated impactful female role models with created 17 realistic-looking dolls, including Kahlo, mathematician Katherine Johnson, and aviator
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Sarah Michelle Gellar celebrates 21st anniversary of 'Buffy' with rare throwback pics

'Buffy' lives on — in Sarah Michelle Gellar's Instagram, and in a box of DVDs I still have at my parent's house (sorry Dad). The actress shared rare photos from Buffy on her Instagram Wednesday, tying their release to International Women's Day
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The Clippers tried to celebrate International Women's Day with a quote from...NOPE

Back when I was on OkCupid, I live by a single rule: anyone who mentioned 'Ayn Rand' in their profile would be immediately removed from consideration. If only more people were like me. Like the Los Angeles Clippers for example, who, for
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Landmarks around the world light up for International Women's Day

Cities worldwide have outfitted their buildings with magenta lights to commemorate women on International Women's Day.  Here are some of the globe's most iconic landmarks, honoring women with bright lights and projected messages. Spain Madrid
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6 brands contributing to feminist causes for International Women's Day

Every product here is independently selected by Mashable journalists. If you buy something featured, we may earn an affiliate commission which helps support our work. March 8 marks International Women's Day, a time to both celebrate the
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Smash Mouth totally nailed International Women's Day with this very mediocre art

You might know American alt-rock band Smash Mouth for their iconic song, "All-Star," which opens the 2001 classic Shrek and has been meme'd and meme'd time after time.  SEE ALSO: Smash Mouth became the voice of the resistance then threw it all
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Freeform is celebrating International Women's Day in the best way

Women are always saying sorry, but how often do we really need to? To celebrate International Women's Day, Freeform is bleeping the word 'sorry' to encourage women to stop apologizing when they don't need to. SEE ALSO: Everything you need to know
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McDonalds flipped its golden arches for International Women's Day and received a torrent of Twitter burns

The Quarter Pounder would like women to know he cares. To celebrate International Women's Day, McDonalds decided to offer paid maternity leave flip their brand logo upside down, turning the infamous "M" into a "W." The "W" stands for women. It's
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'The Handmaid's Tale' Season 2 teaser is done playing games

The Handmaid's Tale just served up an International Women's Day teaser of Offred and her sisters fighting back. After a first season that explored women losing all their agency, Season 2 shows shows the women of Gilead refusing to be oppressed any
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New York Times writes obituaries for heroic women they never recognized

Women are fighting for equal representation in every public domain — including the New York Times obituary page. In celebration of International Women's Day on Thursday, the paper published a series of obituaries for famous women who should've