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Tokyo 2020 will be the first Olympic Games to use facial recognition

The 2018 Winter Olympics had quite the tech spectacle with 1,200 Intel drones producing a memorable light show. However, it's likely the 2020 Tokyo Olympics won't make as big a deal for a new technological feat: widespread facial recognition for
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Apple missed another chance to make the MacBook Pro great again

Apple finally updated its MacBook Pros after over a year (a lifetime in the computer world) without changes. But as attractive as some of the new features are — faster processors, more RAM and storage configurations, and, err, a quieter
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Intel's first ever indoor light show shines on Pride with 50 mini drones

It may not be the 1,200 drones that transformed into snowboarders and the Olympic rings for the Winter Games earlier this year, but 50 Intel Shooting Star Mini drones lit up a multi-level store building for a Pride celebration in San Francisco
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Tesla drama heats up as autopilot chief departs

Elon, what is going on with your employees? Tesla's head of autopilot tech, Jim Keller, is leaving for a new gig at Intel. He's now the third autopilot executive to step down in less than two years. Tesla told the Wall Street Journal that Keller is
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If Apple breaks from Intel, will Macs get cheaper?

When Apple makes a move, it usually causes an earthquake. The chip industry felt tremors upon the report that Apple would soon be turning away from Intel for the chips in its MacBooks. Or at least one MacBook. As early as 2020, we may see the first
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5 Steps CIOs Should Take To Keep Up With Their Rapidly Changing Role

The role of the CIO is changing and becoming more important, but CIOs themselves must adapt their personal and professional skills to meet today’s demands. Those who don’t risk becoming irrelevant.
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Intel launches monster Core i9 chip for laptops

Some powerful, Intel-based portable computers are coming in the near future.  At an event in Beijing on Tuesday, Intel unveiled its first-ever, 8th-gen, Core i9 processor for laptops.  SEE ALSO: Huawei MateBook X Pro is a MacBook Pro copy