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3 Steps Insurers Should Take Toward Hyper-Accurate Location Data — And Why It Matters

Lack of precision in insurers' location data is commonly overlooked because it’s generally considered accurate “enough” to price risk for property and casualty insurers. But is “close enough” truly “good enough
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An Insurance Primer For Small Businesses That Want to Stay Competitive

For many small businesses, the struggle to compete with larger companies for talent is an uphill battle — particularly when it comes to benefit offerings. While you know recruiting and retention is important, you may not be sure if the...
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This Data Startup Uses Artificial Intelligence To Figure Out If Your Roof Is In Decent Shape

Cape Analytics, a computer vision and data science startup, can now provide information on roof conditions, property footprint and other data on over 70 million homes in the continental U.S.
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How banks must use insurance to cover risks

From: Buisness-standard By Sanjay Kedia Recommended by: business-standard The Indian banking sector has been attracting lot of public attention of late.Be it the recent fraud reported at a major public sector bank, NPA resolution
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Reinventing Financial, Insurance and Legal Services

From:   By: Vinod Khosla Via: 10/17. Reinventing Societal Infrastructure
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Insuring insurance

From: Buisness-standard By Mayank Bathwal Recommended by: business-standard The Internet of Things (IoT) through its disruptive capabilities has managed to play a transformational role across industries.It has become imperative
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Pinpointing Location — And Accurate Insurance Pricing

When data leads to policies that are priced at a lower rate than they should be, not only does it open an insurer up to paying out on a policy it hasn’t received adequate premiums for, but underpriced policies may also end up constituting a
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Ensuring Seamless Engagement With Insurance Customers

Insurers are looking to digitally transform to improve customer experience and regain their service-driven points of differentiation. A Forbes Insights briefing discusses the role of data and the single customer view, and interactive personalized