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What Your Salute Says About You

From: Via: How you start an email reveals a lot more about your intentions than you know: #omgby Graham T. BeckDear recent
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From: Via: RT @L6now: People take a lot of pride in being true to their word #consistency #cialdini #launch6 ShortcutsKeyboard
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Scientists Launch $150B 'Apollo' Plan To Make Clean Energy Cheaper Than Coal Power

From:   By: Maria Gallucci Via: Scientists Launch $150B 'Apollo' Plan To Make Clean Energy Cheaper Than Coal Power; we
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Uber's new headquarters look like the future

You're really not a true technology giant until you have a cutting-edge, comically large corporate headquarters.Uber, the fast-growing ride-hailing service with a reported $50 billion valuation, unveiled the first renderings this week for a massive
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To sleep, perchance

From: Via: What blue light does to sleep and healthScreens before bedtime harm sleep. The effect is biggest for
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Grooveshark shuts down after major copyright-infringement lawsuits

Grooveshark is no more.The controversial music streaming service announced Thursday it has ceased operations as part of a settlement with major record companies following a 2011 copyright-infringement lawsuit.In addition to shutting down, the
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How Tony Hawk And The Bones Brigade Broke The Rules & Owned The Market

A version of this article previously appeared in Forbes. In this second installment of my conversation with George Powell, Founder and President of Skate One,...The post How Tony Hawk And The Bones Brigade Broke The Rules & Owned The Market
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CIO: Your industry is being disrupted

Add to My PageIn a recent survey by CIO UK Magazine for their 2015 CIO 100 report, 74 per cent of CIOs didn't think that their industry was facing the 'prospect of disruption'. New technology has had a democratising effect on ideas, funding and the
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Chipotle delivery is happening. Life has never been more complete.

Who says you can't deliver happiness?Executives at fast food restaurant and burrito godsend Chipotle recently told investors in an earnings call that the chain was signing a deal with delivery-service Postmates to make the dream of burrito delivery
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How self-publishing on LinkedIn can elevate your professional profile

It’s no secret that social media and online profiles have changed the rules of the job search game in more ways than one.See also: Creative ways to mitigate the monotony of the job searchData shows that 73% of millennials found their last job