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Google shares jump record $65 billion in value

NEW YORK — Google is already one of the largest companies in the world, and on Friday it made one of the largest stock market moves ever.The Internet giant reported strong second-quarter results on Thursday, sending its stock climbing. Google's
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Reddit's new CEO Steve Huffman: 'We will reconsider all our policies'

Reddit's new CEO isn't wasting any time trying to make amends with the site's users.Just one day into his tenure, and one day after embattled interim CEO Ellen Pao stepped down, Steve Huffman answered questions on Reddit in an effort "to re-
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Judgment day: Sunday decides whether Greece stays in the euro

The future of Greece's economy as well as the future of the euro currency hangs in the balance on Sunday, as political leaders of Europe are scheduled to convene for a crucial meeting to see if a plan can be agreed upon to provide the country with
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With fear of Grexit, Greeks give up meat, hide money around the house and pray for a miracle

In the middle of July, one of the busiest time of the year for Greek tourism, Ioanna, 34, was told by her company to take a vacation. Ioanna — not her real name — has been working in the Greek tourism industry for 15 years but because of the capital
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Greece's parliament votes 'yes' to widely loathed spending cuts to stay in the Eurozone

Just one week after Greek citizens voted "no" to a package of sharp spending cuts, the country's parliament voted "yes" and accepted the measures anyway.The European Union demanded the spending cuts, which cover everything from pension reforms to
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The best reactions by major companies to the historic gay marriage decision

Major companies rushed to show they were celebrating after the Supreme Court announced a historic ruling legalizing gay marriage across the country on Friday.In a 5-4 ruling, the court stated Friday morning that the Fourteenth Amendment requires
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'Be proud': The best advice to young LGBT kids

When you get older, you get wiser — especially if you grew up in struggle.Aging members of the LGBT community are often overlooked and underappreciated within our modern movement, in favor of younger generations. It's rare we actually talk to the
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How Should I Address My (Obvious) Pregnancy In An Interview?

Interviewing is stressful enough, but when your physical appearance gives away that your availability is about to change, it's understandable to feel like you are under extra scrutiny.Leadership coach Lolly Daskal helps guide this expectant job
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How to Negotiate For What You Want And Still Make Friends

I still remember the first week of my first job out of college. Picture a group of handpicked young men and women gathered in a conference room for what was nicknamed "influence training." "People automatically form a first impression of you and
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On your right as soon as you take off from JFK. Those levees you see up top are making sure New York city is not a water park.

From:   By: avinashplusworld Via: On your right as soon as you take off from JFK. Those levees you see up top are making