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Product Development for the Lean Enterprise (Book Review)

“How could a business book keep me up until 2:30 in the morning?” I wondered as I collapsed into bed. True, it was a business novel, so it had engaging characters, a hint of a plot, and actual villains. But that wasn’t what kept me reading into
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Incremental Funding (Book Review)

The customer wanted an on-line currency exchange capability added to their on-line financial service offerings. They figured it would take several months to implement. But the development team suggested a different approach: start by hiring a
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Software Development Productivity

Productivity is the prime determinant of our standard of living. If the revenue generated per work hour goes up, income levels rise. If productivity lags, wages also decline. When all else is equal in a market, the more productive company will
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Measure Up

Getting measurements right can be devilishly difficult, but getting them wrong can be downright dangerous. If you look underneath most self-defeating behavior in organizations, you will often find a well-intentioned measurement which has gone