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Here's What The Most Successful People Read And Why

One of my favorite things to ask people in job or story interviews has nothing to do with business or work: "What do you read?"We already know that the simple act of reading can have considerable benefits, from improving your health and well-being
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Competitor undercuts hedge fund bro by selling AIDS drug for $1 a pill

A former uber-capitalist hedge manager who gouged the price of an AIDS drug because he could is about to have his own business gouged, courtesy of the free market.Reviled Turing Pharmaceutical CEO Martin Shkreli bought the pharmaceutical last month
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From: Via: MIT system outperforms human intution with algorithms - Press International is a leading provider of
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anandmahindraNew York 'moment.' Woke up to find a film being shot outside our window..Alas, couldn't figure out who the stars were..

From: Via: New York 'moment.' Woke up to find a film being shot outside our window..Alas, couldn't figure out… York 'moment.' Woke up
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Recommendations of what to see in New York: "Fun Home," "Curious Incident," "Something Rotten" —Brian Fenty & Merritt Baer of

From: Via: Brian and Merritt, don't forget "Spring Awakening" !! @TodayTix of what to see in New York: "Fun Home," "Curious
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Jugalbandi Night

From: Via: RT @BeerCounty: Join us for a #Musical night of #Jugalbandi and some of world's best #beer at @beercounty - http://t…News
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You'll be surprised that we have salt flats, they are the lovely things at the bottom.

From: Via: The Silicon Valley, just as you are coming in to land from NY. You'll be surprised that we have… Silicon
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The Subtle Red Flags To Watch Out For When Hiring

Hiring is often a long and arduous process, and hiring the wrong person can cost a company and employees and managers lost time and money.Which is why noticing potential red flags on resumes and in interviews is important. A red flag is any behavior
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The Influence & Impact Summit

From: Via: Looking forward to learning from @johncmaxwell at the FREE Online Summit #InfluenceImpactRegister NowJoin
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Career Library: An Influential Book on Influence

From:   By: Rich Campbell Via: RT @SprtsMktgProf: My latest book recommendation for your #CareerLibrary is @