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The Hazards of Going on Autopilot

From:   By: Maria Konnikova Via: We are using humans as safety nets or backups to computers. That's completely
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My Promised Land: The Triumph and Tragedy of Israel

From: Via: There are few open minds on the Israel-Palestine issue. But if you find one, recommend Ari Shavit's My Promised Land:
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For This Author, 10,000 Wikipedia Articles Is a Good Day's Work

From:   By: Ellen Emmerentze Jervell Via: Bots used to author and edit entries on Wikipedia. A large amount of the site'
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Most Annoying Study Ever Says Bullying Is Good for Job Security BY Jessica Stillman@EntryLevelRebel

From:   By: Jessica Stillman Via: New research: bullying is good for job security, via @tylerpruitt:
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What's Wrong with Job Interviews, and How to Fix Them

From: Via: @troutgirl Not always easy to do, but some favorite techniques are in needed to hire a new salesperson, and one resume
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Khosla slams media, decries Martins Beach 'blackmail'

From:   By: Aaron Kinney Via: Massive lies & dsitortion on Martin's Beach by Surfriders in trying coercian to
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Author of "Influence: The Science of Persuasion" and "Yes! 50 Scientifically Proven Ways to be Persuasive"

From: Via: RT @TrainingMagUS: The Cialdini #Influence Series free webinar @robertcialdini @smmconnectus, Cialdini "Influence"
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From: Via: @Tanvi_Bhatt Do write via contact pageAuthorSpeakerIlustratorMythologistI help leverage the power of myth inbusiness, management
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Meet the medical student who wants to bring down Dr. Oz

From:   By: Julia Belluz Via: RT @voxdotcom: Meet the medical student who wants to bring down Dr. Oz:
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Algorithm identifies rare genetic disorders from family pics

From:   By: Olivia Solon Via: Wonder if this could identify criminal or alcoholic or addiction disposition? Could be