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Sadhguru's insight on Tajmahal issue(Sadhguru's answer is classic )

From: Via: I liked a @YouTube video Sadhguru's insight on Tajmahal issue(Sadhguru's answer is
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Learn Tableau for $19 and turn dull data into game-changing insights

Big Data may be the business buzzword du jour, but modern companies need to know that data isn’t a magical Band-Aid for every problem. To turn impassive, objective numbers into useful, actionable insights, you need to see the data in context.
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Powerful insights on the emergence of a new organizational model - Frederic Laloux

From: Via: I added a video to a @YouTube playlist Powerful insights on the emergence of a new
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NASA's next Mars mission launches Saturday: Everything you need to know

On Saturday, NASA will launch its next mission to Mars. This time the lander, known as InSight, is focused squarely on learning more about the inner-workings of the red planet.  The space agency's InSight lander is expected to take about seven
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Indeed’s New TV Commercial Gives Insight Into New Strategy Against Google for Jobs

Indeed has a new television ad. If you’re a basketball fan, you likely noticed it during the NCAA tournament this past weekend. If you’re not a fan, check it out here: The ad is called “Sunny,” featuring the Bobby Hebb...
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Pornhub's Super Bowl insights: Eagles fans held off longer than Patriots fans

Just like watching for iconic commercials and hating on the Patriots, Pornhub's annual data analysis has become something of a Super Bowl tradition. The adult site has been posting its stats from the big game since 2014 and the analysis includes
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Insights On Culture From Pioneers and Leaders

Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr. said, “A moment’s insight is sometimes worth a life’s experience.” So, when an opportunity presents itself to learn from those who have repeatedly and successfully managed the culture journey,
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How Talent Advisors Influence with Data Insights

In a recent post, Rob McIntosh noted that talent acquisition leaders want their recruiters to “turn up differently” today and he went on to identify a number of behaviors that are critical if this is to happen. I want to share with you a
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Strategic insights From Data to Love. How to Change Your View on Data

From:   By: Thomas Baekdal Via: To get people to love data, address: 1 Knowings 2 Achievements 3 Incentivizing https://
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Strategic insights A Smarter And Better Way To Think About Native Advertising

From:   By: Thomas Baekdal Via: A Smarter And Better Way To Think About Native Advertising: by @