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Mental toughness makes all the difference

After the New England Patriots defeated the Pittsburgh Steelers to advance to the Super Bowl, star Patriots' quarterback Tom Brady was asked what makes his team so special.  His answer was short and succinct, "Mental toughness."Not exceptional
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How you can improve your brand’s pricing

Here are five things you must do to build an enviable brand When we provide a certain service, how often do we make this statement in frustration: “Why don’t we get the pricing we deserve?” I am sure this concern must have crossed your mind at
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Three reasons why CEOs need to be more vested in digital transformation

While almost every company is pursuing digital transformation, most do not have CEO sponsorship or an organization-wide strategy in place. A CEO needs to be aware and vested in digital transformation for these strategies to “future proof
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Eight VCs' Predictions On The Year Ahead In Innovation

Like most of the globe, the tech world had a peculiar 2016. Last year, phones blew up, half a billion people lost their sensitive information, "fake news" expanded its reach on Facebook, and more than a few Pokémon hunters found themselves in
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7 strategies to stay in Touch By dr Ivan Misner"

People often ask me, “how can I stay in touch with people or get back in touch with people that I haven't seen or spoken with recently?”  Start by making a commitment to improve in this area.There’s a great Chinese proverb that I really like
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Three Ways To Make Your Entire Team More Creative

Uber. Airbnb. Electric vehicles. Self-driving cars. Buses that can drive over traffic. Pretty much everything Steve Jobs created at Apple since the iPod. These are the inventions of our time that aren’t just about innovation, but about leaps of
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Why Innovation And Imitation Aren't Mutually Exclusive

When it comes to theft, one social network’s rap sheet is a mile long. There’s the cloudy origin story, involving who allegedly stole what from those charming Winklevoss twins. Then there's the fact that the network's Like button was featured
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Action-Planning,Time to develop a big Idea and get a chance to implement it

There are many problems in this world that influence a considerable number of the individuals within our society. The competition Action plan at Abhyuday, IIT Bombay is providing a platform for student to solve a social problem by engaging with the
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When a lesson can be summed up in a few well-chosen words, the message often stays with the student.A little tool to jog the memory,a clever saying to remind you what is truly important –that’s why “Mackay’s Moral” appears at the end of each of my
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What spurs innovation in organisations?

What spurs innovation in organisations?Two glaring misconceptions emerged from the discussion :Some felt it is creative people. They offered the example of advertising agencies. You have to recruit and retain creative types to produce work that