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The creative entrepreneur

Life is neither good nor bad – thinking makes it so. Some look at things and ask “Why?” Others look at things that never were and ask “why not?” These two statements amplify the power of the mind to create. The author
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Innovation and Adaptation

Every organisation has its own work culture and management processes. Many of them go by established ideas, while few others try out some radical ones. Few of these ideas succeed. So to understand what makes these successful organisations click, we
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Unique practices

In our effort to benchmark best practices across industries we conducted a series of interviews with stalwarts in their fields. Here we present their views and experiences for your perusal. Productivity is quite an issue as far as maintaining
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The Realm of Possibility

We need to unlearn a lot to be able to step into the realm of innovation The way we are taught science, math and perhaps even other soft subjects like history at school actually impedes innovation. Through out school and engineering I recall
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Made in India

India’s problems need Indian solutions. A group at IIT – Madras is going about developing Telecom Technology for Indian needs and incubating companies to make these technologies a commercial reality. At the recently concluded IT.
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All That CRM Is Not Customer Relationship Management!!!

Though CRM has now become a term commonly used in the business, the usage in terms of the content and the context still seems far from uniform. At one end of the spectrum we could identify with CRM as a philosophy inspired by the acceptance of
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Implementing innovation in the indian context a cultural perspective

When talking of Innovation, many both in the consulting field and on the corporate side take it to be a process issue overlooking the key people aspect. This article based on a discussion with Mr. Thiruvengadam Director- Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu,
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Managing innovation - a holistic perspective

When we took up Innovation as the focus for this issue, one of the fears we had was of trying to get content of relevance considering the complexity of the subject and its intangible nature. The panel discussion assumed increased importance and the
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Managing Innovation

Managing Innovation                 Issue - 15            15th June 2002 The Spark - Method to the madness Clear Eye - Building a productive relationship with