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Marico Innovation Foundation-Erehwon Innovation Consulting Launch Product Innovation Manifesto

Marico Innovation Foundation-Erehwon Innovation Consulting, in collaboration with Altair India, announced the launch of the Product Innovation Manifesto, in a move to understand what is required to spur innovative, breakthrough products to emerge
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Enterprise Applications Strategy

Enterprise Application Strategy (EAS) is one of the most important decisions of any organization, small or big. And by EAS, we should not assume ERP, CRM and SCM. An EAS must include the desktop operating system, the productivity tools,
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Google frees you from your Desktop

I had to send my laptop for repair sometime back, surprisingly I did not miss it. Something unimaginable in this computer dependent world. I had not taken any backups of my work, yet all I had to do was use another computer in my office and I was
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An Ode to Conceptualization

(there is nothing like your first love, or the moment a great idea comes to you) . . . Pencil poised, gazing into space,     listening to my thoughts;   waiting to hear   what they have
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SiS Showed off its Latest Innovations at Computex

SiS shows off its latest innovations at Computex like chipset for motherboards and communication network applications, DDR3 memory technology and Little Valley D201GLY desktop board etc. All the products are expected to take over the mainstream
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Challenges for SME’s

How can the Government help?   India is poised at a position where it can now leapfrog into a strong economic level in the global market. India needs to emerge at a leadership position in the Global Knowledge Market. It is possible
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Technology Provides High-Speed Verification and Complete Bug Visibility

Bangalore, January 9, 2007 - Synplicity, Inc., a leading supplier of software for the design and verification of semiconductors, released details on its TotalRecal . Full Visibility Technology.  Synplicity believes that this new technology will
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Realm of Possibility.

We need to unlearn a lot to be able to step into the realm of innovation The way we are taught science, math and perhaps even other soft subjects like history at school actually impedes innovation. Through out school and engineering I
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‘Zyme’s Innovative Outsourced Service Model is Subject of New Case Study

INSEAD, a graduate business schools, has selected Zyme Solutions and its innovative outsourcing business model in the area of distribution channel analytics as the subject of a business case study.  Christoph H. Loch, Professor of Technology
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Innovative Businesses

We present three innovative businesses having women at the helm of affairs. The first is a case of innovation within an existing industry, the second is working on the development of new products and the third is an innovative service provider.