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Be Big With Open Source

Solutions for Small and Medium Business (SMB) to compete effectively in this technology driven world. The world is becoming increasingly competitive and SMBs are feeling the pinch more than the established organizations. With increasing
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Business Unusual

"Seek and ye shall find" says the Bible. The scientists found that "necessity is the mother of all inventions". Here are some examples of innovation in the classic sense. Easy connectivity   These days
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Value Innovation

Prof. Raghunath, IIMB spoke on how companies can deliberately cut costs while increasing value, at the "Celebrating Change- U know Best " event. The concept of Value Innovation is a very simple concept. It is about trying to
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Nurturing Innovations

Though there are many good products crying for acclaim, our critics are not very concerned. A Chip from India   A popular statement for industry cynics is, “Whatever maybe the achievements of the IT industry in terms of
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Making Things World Class

Bangalore has become a word in the English language - and that's not all it has to feel proud of. Apart from being No. 1 in outsourcing, there are many things that take pride in being labeled ‘Made in Bangalore'. So what does it really
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Tales of sensitivity

Our latest issue on corporate social responsibility has been quite a journey. We learnt about the many experiments in weaving the corporate world and the society into a harmonious fabric. There have been charity programs to help the needy and
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Designed to succeed

Shiri is the innovative founder of Sinett, a chip design firm creating patented product for the enterprise level WLAN. He also found Maverick Networks and is the chief architect of the StrataSwitch family. Under his leadership, the StrataSwitch
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Webs of Innovation

B K Ramesh of Dearborn Electronics, India, shares with us his way of managing innovation by finding webs of innovation and ‘hooking’ with it. What are webs of innovation?   A web of innovation is a pattern in which
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On streamlining best practices

The culture of one organization doesn’t work in another, some say. Others feel that best practices can be replicated and there are standard ways of implementing them. We invited G P Sudhakar, consultant, Siemens Communications, and L Prabhakar
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Standing by innovators

If you are an innovator, there are chances that the government could be your best friend. Surprised? Then read on to find out about a government institution that have been doing commendable work in supporting indigenous innovators. There was a