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Mr. Sharma has a problem!

Competitive bidding is a fascinating subject; it is as much about business as about the workings of the human mind. The desire to achieve results prompts individuals to adopt strategies that reveal lessons from Game Theory. This issue relates to one
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Budget 2018: Will Arun Jaitley do a Jaswant Singh?

  Finance Minister Arun Jaitley will present his fifth Union Budget in about 10 weeks from now. The fifth Budget of any finance minister is usually important from an electoral point of view, keenly watched for what it doles out for voters.
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Reality check on growth rate

Many, including this paper (Weekend Ruminations November 4), believe that the second quarter onwards the growth rate will rebound. The numbers will bring more cheer, especially to the government.But, what if the second quarter growth is not that
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Perspective deserves a second look

A woman hired a bricklayer to build a wall outside her upscale home.  Talking with him while he worked, she was amazed to discover he was the brother of a brilliant concert violinist whom she'd recently seen perform.  "Oh, you're so
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Entrepreneurs, Not Institutions, Drive Big Innovation

From:   By: Vinod Khosla Via: 2/17. Reinventing Societal Infrastructure
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The overflowing outbox

Deadlines are vitamins for creativity. If you've got too much in progress, too much of a buffer, too many items ready to go, it's easy to slip back to complacency. Without the feeling of imminent, it's easier to hide. If...    
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3 Rules Of Customer Engagement

Companies that excel in customer engagement—the leaders—are set apart by their engagement processes and measurement.
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Appreciation increases your value

A man attending a seminar on interpersonal relationships became convinced of the need for him to begin showing appreciation to people.  His family seemed like an appropriate place to start.  So on his way home, he picked up a dozen long-
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Do you hear what they're saying?

A social work student was learning the value of reflective listening - summarizing what someone has said to show you heard them accurately.  At the conclusion of several practice sessions, each student was asked to choose someone with whom they
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Curiosity can set life on path of discovery

Thomas Edison once visited Luther Burbank, the famed horticulturist, who invited every guest who visited his home to sign the guest book.  Each line in the book had a space for the guest's name, address and special interests.  When Edison