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Extreme Innovation Meets Behavioral Economics

From: Via: Extreme Innovation Meets Behavioral Economics by @triplepundit
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40 Talent Principles That Represent the Future of HR

The Future of HR Is Already Here — Dominate Your Industry by Adopting These Silicon Valley Principles If your CEO expects your firm to lead your industry, he/she will eventually realize that this can only happen if the firm adopts a “
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3 Trends Defining Hiring Success in the Digital Economy

An organization’s ability to identify, attract, and plug in the most creative minds precisely when and where they are needed is the foundation for innovation. Therefore, designing and executing a strategy that does this well has become the
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The Three-Box Solution is about being a leader in 2025, not 2016: Vijay Govindarajan

From: Buisness-standard By Kanika Datta Recommended by: business-standard Vijay GovindarajanCreating a new business and optimising an existing one are fundamentally different management challenges. It's doing both simultaneously
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Some very special startups are still raising millions of dollars Heres why

With just two sentences, Jon Stein can make you question everything you thought you knew about the startup world in 2016."It was a good market to be raising," Stein told Mashable on Tuesday morning, shortly after his financial services company
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The Powerful and Lasting Lessons You Learn From Failure

There are few things in business that have a higher economic value than innovation. But unfortunately, along with that economic value come a lot of issues that need to be addressed in order to maximize innovation. One of the most common but powerful
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“Conquest, BITS Pilani’s International Startup Challenge, is Back”

About Conquest : Conquest, BITS Pilani’s International Startup Challenge, is back again with its twelfth edition.Conquest is an exemplary platform for emerging startups to step to the fore and skyrocket guided by some of the most proficient
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Need Innovation In Talent Management? — Discover How to Learn From Failure

This “think piece” is designed to get you to better appreciate the value of failure during innovation and how it can be a powerful teacher. There are few things in business that have a higher economic value than innovation. But
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3 Steps to Help Remote Employees Really Work

Entrepreneurs everywhere are giving a whole new meaning to the phrase, “I need a little distance,” by putting employees to work remotely. And whether they’re seeking space or savings, it’s vital to make employees working from home work for the
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Need Innovation in Talent Management? It’s as Simple as Implementing Stretch Goals

This “think piece” is designed to get you to take the time to reassess the value of stretch goals and how they can directly increase innovation. Most leaders in business and in talent management know about stretch goals but they assume