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What makes Finance in Tech so unique

What makes Tech so importantSince the availability of the internet in the 1990s, the tech industry has centered on the transformation of the data revolution from the industrial manufacturing led revolution. Today, it stands in the trillions of
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To counter IT slowdown, software for masses is Vishal Sikka’s remedy for Infosys

From: By Jochelle MendoncaRecommended by: vsquareIT is slowly moving towards automation. All the Indian It Companies have to move towards this otherwise, there will be a huge issue for the Services companies, which
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Aricent partners with Nasscom Foundation to impart employable skills to engineering students

From: By Sreeradha BasuRecommended by: expert.balajibgyanThe programme will equip students in select cities and colleges with skills in specialised areas, enabling them to find employment across the IT-BPM industry.
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How life was in Bangalore before the IT revolution

From:   By: admin Via: How life was in #Bangalore - life was in Bangalore before the IT
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Hacking Without Computers

From: Via: Hacking Without Computers (using unethical applications of persuasion) by @InfosecurityMag
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Digital Transformation 101

From:   By: Vaasu Gavarasana Via: Digital Transformation 101 since Digital became a buzz
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The end of interest rates

From: By Paul Gebhardt Recommended by: Balaji Pasumarthy The trend is towards lower interest rates across the world. In many parts like the US and Japan it is close to zero. Why is the
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Top 30 Indian B2B software product companies with total market cap over $6 billion

From: Recommended by: Anjana Vivek Per a recent report by iSPIRIT, Indian B2B Software Product companies are to be watched out for.. Pofessors from Stanford University and Indian
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The true cost of Bangalore’s traffic gridlock is staggering

From:   By: Saptarishi Dutta Via: RT @qzindia: The true cost of Bangalore’s traffic gridlock to India’s IT industry is
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Indian IT firms look to start-ups to gain edge

From:   By: Beryl Menezes Via: Another possible set of investors for those looking to raise VC/seed/angel investment