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Virtual Workplace - A peep into tomorrow

Do not mistake this for next generation stuff –stuff that people like Issac Asimov churn out. Virtual workplace – which by definition means an environment where a person stays futuristic that one can end up pinching oneself. Earlier
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Start-up accounting issues and MIS

In continuing with our focus of being an enabler for new ventures through articles specific to their interest, we have put together this brief article on start-up accounting issues and MIS. We will try to detail each point in a separate article down
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Hacking and the law

‘It is easy to run a secure computer system. You merely have to disconnect all dial-up connections and permit only direct-wired terminals, put the machine and its terminals in a shielded room, and post a guard at the door’ –
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Tackling the Technology Challenge - A guide

Challenge is a mild word, In our opinion; we would have been more comfortable with the word monster. And we know for sure that many users and consumers of technology will nod in agreement to that statement. While no one questions the tremendous
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Guide to the right vendor selection (Software/Applications)

Having spoken in detail about RFP in a separate article, the next logical step which would help build on the clarity provided by the RFP process is to have a clear and formal vendor selection process. In this article we have briefly tried to provide
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Choosing a Database Management System and tuning it for better performance

In the era of Knowledge management, the role of data and its management has become increasingly important and one of the important decisions most businesses make is of choosing a database management system or DBMS for short. The Database Management
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Choosing The Right Web-hosting Service Provider

Does it matter to your business when your web site is down? Does it make you mad when the new recruit hits the wrong button and your Internet database is suddenly unavailable? Let us face it. Despite the bust and the slowdown, for lots of small- and
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Two cheers for the Indian IT Industry!!!

There is some cheer for the industry at last an]d a tangible one at that. In a recent survey, which we happened to read, there were two factors, which were highlighted as proving beneficial to the Indian IT industry. We thought though some of you
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Working across platforms – An application case-study at Texas Instruments

  Till a year ago, Texas Instruments India faced a problem - managing two different operating systems in their computing environment. The company worked with two OS. The high-tech R&D work on ASIC, DSP, Mixed Signal and DSP-based
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Cultural and Social Challenges for Call Center Organizations

Since most of you would be aware of call centers and their applications let me start with a personal perspective of mine about the current trend in favor of call centers. The current phenomenon of call centers or for e-CRM companies is actually