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Two cheers for the Indian IT Industry!!!

There is some cheer for the industry at last an]d a tangible one at that. In a recent survey, which we happened to read, there were two factors, which were highlighted as proving beneficial to the Indian IT industry. We thought though some of you
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Working across platforms – An application case-study at Texas Instruments

  Till a year ago, Texas Instruments India faced a problem - managing two different operating systems in their computing environment. The company worked with two OS. The high-tech R&D work on ASIC, DSP, Mixed Signal and DSP-based
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Cultural and Social Challenges for Call Center Organizations

Since most of you would be aware of call centers and their applications let me start with a personal perspective of mine about the current trend in favor of call centers. The current phenomenon of call centers or for e-CRM companies is actually
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Setting up of Calls Centres A legal perspective

The opportunity presented by the call center industry to India, need not be overemphasised. In this article we will try and give you some idea as to the various legal perspectives concerning Call Centres to enable you to take a well-informed
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Call Center Training - No Signs of Slowdown

It is like the proverbial gold rush where more than the diggers, it is actually the people who sold the pixels and axes who made the fortune. Here, we are talking about the specialized training providers to the mushrooming call center industry in
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A brief outline of various technology options available for call centers

Technology plays a crucial role in Call Centers from the operational point of view as it enables handling of high volume telephony traffic for servicing customers and dramatic improvement in call service rates, customer satisfaction and agent
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Call Centers - Trends to look out for

Before we get into the article we would like to make a point clear. We have assumed here that, as the business comes increasingly from the US and from tech-savvy companies and service industries, current and immediate future trends that are visible
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Developing business for Call Centers - A few perspectives

The first thing that strikes when you dwell on this aspect of Call centers is the mere irony of it. India as a Call Center destination is sold and is top of the mind for most senior executives in the US and other key markets. India has Call Centers
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Do You Think In English ?

With the slowdown in IT, the new option for all those young graduates passing out of colleges with a degree, IT enabled services in specific e-CRM is the new ladder to a successful career. A career in e-CRM opens a world of opportunity for young men
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A ready reckoner and guide for potential entrants into bio-informatics

Writing an article, which serves, as a guide to potential entrants into bio-informatics is not an easy task. For the simple reason that the very term is misunderstood by many people both within and outside the industry. My structuring of the article