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Incredibly detailed satellite images show volcano's collapse after volcanic tsunami

Two weeks ago, a deadly volcanic tsunami struck in Indonesia's Sunda Strait, catching residents by surprise. Clouds have obscured people from capturing the aftermath, but earth observation company Planet Labs managed to capture high resolution
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Explaining the deadly volcanic tsunami that hit Indonesia

Hundreds are dead, with more missing, following a tsunami that took the Indonesian coast by surprise on Dec. 22.  But this was no typical tsunami. Rather, it was a volcanic tsunami, and understanding what that means may help explain why this
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Facebook 'regrets' adding confetti and balloons to Indonesia earthquake posts

When your reach is global, it's perhaps difficult not to inadvertently stick your fingers in a few places they don't belong — especially if you happen to be rocking the blithe self-assurance of one Mark Zuckerberg. When a natural disaster
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Denmark hired a tech ambassador. After what happened with Facebook, maybe every country should.

Casper Klynge is not a conventional diplomat. And serving as Denmark's, and indeed the world's, first tech ambassador required him to rewrite the international relations playbook.  SEE ALSO: He fooled an entire nation with a fake Facebook
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Indonesia has no qualms about blocking Facebook amid privacy issues

As governments kindly ask Facebook to please explain itself following that data scandal, Indonesia isn't up for compromise. According to a Bloomberg report, the country's communications minister Rudiantara has threatened to shut down access to the
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Bali will shut off mobile internet for a religious holiday

Each year, the entire island of Bali in Indonesia goes completely quiet for Nyepi, otherwise known as the "Day of Slience." The island's only airport is shut, as people keep off beaches and streets, keeping lights and noise to a minimum on a day
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Guy maps 28 days of Tinder in 1 fascinating chart

Most people who've spent time on Tinder will tell you that the swipe-to-date ratio is pretty low. There are the people you never match with, the people you never end up talking to. The people who message you for a bit and don't reply. The ones you
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Diver films himself swimming in sea filled with plastic rubbish

It's no secret that our oceans have a problem with pollution from plastic waste, with currents spreading it far and wide. You can see it first hand in a video shot by diver Rich Horner, who swam off Manta Point in Nusa Penida, Indonesia on Saturday
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UCWeb to invest Rs 200 cr in India, Indonesia over 2 years

From: Hindustan Times Recommended by: Hindustan times Alibaba Mobile Business Group firm UCWeb plans to invest Rs 200 crore in India and Indonesia over the next two years to push distribution of user generated content through its UC
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Standing tall: Indonesian policeman to be honoured for refusing bribes

From: Hindustan Times Recommended by: Hindustan times A member of Indonesia’s notoriously corrupt police is to be honoured for refusing to accept bribes during his 40-year career, instead scavenging garbage to supplement his meagre