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Critics are slamming Amazon's HQ2 deal hard over tax incentives, a helipad, and more

Not everyone is happy with the deals Amazon made when it picked the multiple locations for its so-called second headquarters. Some residents and representatives of New York’s Long Island City and Virginia’s Arlington reacted to Tuesday's
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The Problem With Incentive Plan Cliffs

Triggers and hurdles and cliffs, oh my! To be clear, I’m talking about pay plan mechanics and in particular about the kind of cliff that plays an unfortunate starring role in many pay programs. Specifically, the incentive plan with the...
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Watch: Robert Cialdini on Incentives and Engagement

From: Via: RT @PeopleSci: Editor-in-chief @jeffkreislerBS chatted with @RobertCialdini about incentives and
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Using Incentives to Attract Interviewees — Don’t Miss This Trend

If you are having difficulty getting prospects to interview, join the trend of offering qualified candidates incentives for interviewing or job acceptance. This might initially sound like a crazy idea until you realize that using incentives to
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Help Your Employees to Have a ‘Line of Sight’ to Goals

Incentives remain one of the most powerful, and yet also one of the most misapplied, management tools out there. While research has shown that group incentives can deliver significant return on investment (CARS research showed a median plan ROI
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Broadband reforms for local manufacturing

From: Buisness-standard By Shyam Ponappa Recommended by: business-standard India’s markets are at the heart of what attracts investment and economic activity, with mobile phones and broadband services comprising a significant
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The Double-Edge Sword of Incentives

From:   By: Morgan Housel Via: The Double-Edge Sword of Incentives --
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Friendly competition among co-workers can be good thing

From:   By: ANI Via: Friendly competition among co-workers
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EEOC Sets Limits On Wellness Program Incentives

(KAISER HEALTH NEWS) — Employers seeking to get workers to join wellness programs and provide medical information can set financial rewards – or penalties – of up to 30% of the cost for an individual in the company’s health
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Less Logic, More Health: How Behavioral Economics Can Improve Incentives

From: Via: How Behavioral Economics Can Improve Health Incentives U.S. employers