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Melania Trump boards plane to meet immigrants wearing 'I really don't care' jacket

Good fucking lord, Melania. The first lady made a surprise visit to McAllen, Texas, on Thursday to visit shelters and facilities for immigrant children at the U.S. border. Pre-arrival, however, she did something so deeply bizarre that it would
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John Kelly doesn't want unskilled immigrants. He should check his own family tree.

A new day, a new glaring hypocrisy from the Trump administration. Today's scandal comes from White House Chief of Staff General John Kelly. In a new interview with NPR, Kelly complained that immigrants crossing the border weren't good fits because
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In Mexico, this coding school gives returning immigrants a second chance

Growing up in the small town of Bradenton, Florida, Miriam Álvarez had a pretty typical American childhood. She took the pledge of allegiance every morning in elementary school and cheered the U.S. team during Olympic spirit week in high
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'The Paper Menagerie' is a heartbreaking story of family and immigration, told in just a few pages

You don't always need hundreds of pages to tell a moving story. Or at least that's the case with "The Paper Menagerie," the titular story of Ken Liu's The Paper Menagerie and Other Stories. "Paper Menagerie" is a short story about a bi-racial boy
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‘Revenant’ director on Mexican filmmakers: 'We’ll build a wall made entirely out of Oscars'

According to President Trump, you can supposedly reduce all Mexican immigrants to either "drug dealers," "criminals," or "rapists." Yet it seems he conveniently left out one of the actual occupations Mexicans are dominating in America: Best Picture
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If you really want to put 'America First,' support tech industry immigrants

This column is part of a series called "Voices of Women in Tech," created in collaboration with, a global enterprise that supports women in technical fields, as well as the organizations that employ them and the academic institutions
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US will continue to be a country of immigrants: Kenneth Juster addresses H-1B visa concerns

From: Hindustan Times Recommended by: Hindustan times US ambassador to India Kenneth Juster stressed that immigrants helped drive the economy and growth of the United States and that was not going to change.There could be some
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Expect More Immigration Crackdowns, I-9 Inspections and Visa Woes in 2018

While violations of laws regarding legal employment authorization – purposeful or inadvertent – have always carried potential serious consequences for employers, recent efforts to focus on this area by the U.S. federal government make it
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4 Best Practices to Ensure Immigration Compliance

Tapping into the global workforce – and sending employees to offices around the world – can be a financial boon in many industries. But whenever business crosses national borders, it also increases in complexity and introduces new rules