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Mom very disappointed to find out truth behind her new bright blue IKEA toilet seat

Toilet seats tend to be very uniform: the standard porcelain white. Snoresville.  So naturally, when one UK mum purchased what she thought was a bright blue toilet seat at IKEA, she was initially hesitant to introduce it into her powder room.
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YouTuber makes a very sharp knife using a roll of regular aluminum foil

Forget the daily trip to Ikea, there are plenty of items around the house that will make excellent silverware. It just might take a little work. YouTube channel Kiwami Japan made a knife using a regular roll of aluminum foil, stovetop heat, and
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IKEA's menu of the future includes bug meatballs

Hot dogs made of spirulina. Burgers made of bugs. Ice cream made from salad. This is the fast food of the future, people. Working to create a new menu for IKEA, Copenhagen's "future-living lab" Space 10 has reimagined fast food classics with
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The latest viral challenge will have you sleeping in Ikea, and police are cracking down

South Yorkshire police issued a warning about a new internet trend called the "24 hour challenge" after an 11-year-old boy went missing. The challenge involves staying the night in an Ikea store undetected and sneaking out in the morning. The trend
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Move over Tide Pods, police are cracking down on a dangerous Ikea challenge

It seems the internet can't get enough of dangerous challenges.  UK police have issued a warning about a teen craze called the "24 hour challenge" after an 11-year-old went missing while sleeping over in Ikea.  SEE ALSO: The number of
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Ikea is buying TaskRabbit to help with all that complicated furniture assembly

From: Mashable By Patrick Kulp Recommended by: Mashable Ikea is trying its hand at the gig economy.The Swedish home goods giant just bought on-demand freelance work app TaskRabbit for an undisclosed sum, the companies confirmed.
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Me, Myself, and IKEA: What Our Love For Swedish Furniture Says About Narcissism

From:   By: Maggie Penman Via: The principle of LIKING is powerful.
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Ikea Indias parental leave policy leaves most US companies in the dust

From: Mashable By Sasha Lekach Recommended by: Mashable Ikea India just made its already great maternity leave policy even better.Just last week, it gave new mothers six months off work for their first two children, which is
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5 of the Most Creative Recruiting Campaigns

We love a good recruitment marketing campaign. In a world where passive candidates are saturated by job ads that don’t really motivate them to take action, it’s always great to see the few campaigns out there that really pique the