IIM Bangalore Entrepreneurship Summit- Eximius’14

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Bangalore, Aug 10, 2014 Trendin.com Eximius’14 aimed to challenge people to traverse the less trodden paths and explore non mainstream avenues of entrepreneurship. On the second day of a 2-day long summit, IIM Bangalore campus was filled with exuberance and enthusiasm from participating students, start-ups and corporates. 
Here are the main highlights:
Mallika Sarabhai’s performance cum lecture
Art is a powerful medium for communication where words fail to grab attention. This ideology is engendered by one of the most influential personalities in India, Padmabhushan Dr. Mallika Sarabhai who was here for Trendin.com Eximius 2014, the Global Entrepreneurship Summit of IIM Bangalore. Dr. Sarabhai started sharing with the audience her life experiences. 
She showed a series of videos of her work where she used Art to transplant simple but neglected lessons into her audience’s mind. She spoke about the simple ways of impacting people’s lives like tutoring the children of domestic help. The videos of her performances captured the imagination of a packed audience. Their subject ranged from female infanticide to dowry to a whole spectrum of social issues. 
The contrasts in ‘Consumer’ India and the real India was clearly delineated by her. The endeavour to bring to light the Unheard Voices was the key focus of her speech.
This was followed by a mesmerizing performance by her. It contrasted the perceptions of women. On 
the one hand was a woman who is petite and romantic and on the other side was the resilient and strong woman who does not hesitate in standing up against the wrongs in society. 
Her message was strong and lucid; importance of Art can be very impactful in getting through the message to the target audience.
Reach- The social entrepreneurship case study event Bangalore, being the engine of growth of commercial growth in India and a major IT hub, is like many other metro cities, suffering from a problem of acute traffic jams due to excessive use of private transportation system. This issue is not new to many of us. So Wipro’s REACH, The Social Entrepreneurship Case Study Event, gave opportunity to the budding social entrepreneur to deal with this problem by using coherent business model.
The idea of PPP model, use of rickshaws, efficient metro line management, incentivizing by providing bus passes, spreading awareness through social networking on benefits of public transport usage and examples from countries where these model have been fruitful were some of the highlighting solutions put forth by 8 teams from different colleges who participated in this event. The panel consisted of eminent personalities from Wipro, LIC and Huawei including Mr. Hariprasad Hegde (Senior VP and Global Head Operations, Wipro), Mr. Yatish Nagavalli (CTO, Huawei), Mr. Rajesh Kumar Dubey (Senior Divisional Manager, LIC).
Disrupt it
Disrupt it gave an opportunity to all the innovative and passionate entrepreneurs to showcase their ideas before the industry experts, Venture Capitalists and incubators including Mr. Ravi Gururaj, Chairman, NASSCOM; Rajinish (Microsoft venture); K. Sunil Rao (Google); Lalith Ahuja (Kyron) and Sanjay (BOK Ventures). They also gave the budding entrepreneurs a perspective on how to take forward their ideas. After exciting boot camp sessions the 10 startups were shortlisted of which best two were selected by the event partner 10k Startup.
Panel discussion on sustainability
The theme of the discussion was innovation and job opportunities in social entrepreneurship. The panel 
consisted of eminent social entrepreneurs Ms. Wilma Rodriguez, Ms. Nalini Shekar and Mr. Shankar Jagannathan; a trained astronomer, Dr. Ashwin Mahesh and an urban planner, Mr. Vishwanath Shrikantaiah. With a diverse and complex set of challenges in a country like India, is there a place for social innovation and entrepreneurship? Can it create enough jobs? Will it help solve the expected livelihood gap and at the same time create meaningful employment? What are the challenges that grass root social innovation would face? These were some of the questions which the panelists answered.
Smooth functioning of social organizations involves integration of interest of individuals and the need of the society, a sharing economy and less intervention from the state. To increase job opportunities, 
especially in rural areas it is more beneficial to increase the number of small cities than try to attract rural population into larger cities as in the case of Uttar Pradesh which is considered to have high rural population but in fact it is the state the has the highest number of towns in the world. 
Eximius 2014 organized a 2-day unique speaker series; Failathon where four entrepreneurs who talked about how they took the path less trodden, fought high tides and emerged victorious and also their learnings.
The first day gave an opportunity to listen to Mr. Murugavel Janakiraman, co-counder, BharatMatrimony Group and Mr. Sanjeev Bikhchandani, Founder and Executive Vice Chairman, Info Edge. On the second day the auditorium was jam packed for Mr. Abhay Singhal, co-founder, inMobi and Ashish Sinha, co-founder, NextBigWhat. 
Mr. Singhal emphasized on the importance of thinking and acting on your feet. He said “If you get an opportunity, don’t think for even a single minute, grab it as quickly as you can. Yes, there is a chance of facing failure but take the failure as the next step on the road to success and move on”. Mr. Sinha’s address was equally gripping. Through his words of wisdom which encouraged budding entrepreneurs to dream big but start small, but keep radar open even if they face any failure, he charmed everyone present at the venue.
Failathon which was aimed at removing inhibitions about entrepreneurship of failures, successfully 
achieved it.
About IIM Bangalore
Established in 1972, the Indian Institute of Management Bangalore (IIMB) today offers a range of post-graduate and doctoral level courses as well as executive education programmes. IIMB Centres of Excellence are engaged in adding value to their communities in the areas of Public Policy, Capital 
Markets & Financial Management, Corporate Governance, Entrepreneurship, Software and Supply Chain Management, to name a few. In June 2010 IIMB obtained the European Quality Improvement System (EQUIS) accreditation awarded by the European Foundation for Management Development (EFMD). With a faculty body from amongst the best universities worldwide, IIMB is a leader in the area 
of management research, education and consulting.
More information on IIMB is available at www.iimb.ernet.in


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