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Palm phone review: A compelling idea made into a flawed product

Palm $349.99 View Product The Good Cool form factor that gets noticed • 'Life' mode mutes notifications by default • Still a full-featured smartphone The Bad Frustratingly slow at times • No volume buttons • Lousy
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At the Google hearing, Congress proves they still have no idea how the internet works

Google CEO Sundar Pichai’s long-awaited Congressional hearing took place on Tuesday. Pichai testified before Congress on Google+ data breaches, the controversial Chinese-censorship friendly search product, and perceived anti-conservative bias
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Rudy Giuliani has no idea how the internet works

We regret to inform you that yet another Baby Boomer doesn't understand websites.  Last week, someone turned one of Rudy Giuliani's Twitter typos into a website that declares, "Donald J. Trump is a traitor to our country."  But Trump's
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Americans aren't sold on the idea of sending astronauts back to the moon

Interest in the final frontier isn’t going anywhere. Earlier this year, the Pew Research Center surveyed more than 2,500 American adults, revealing that 70 percent of Americans believe it's essential for the United States to be at the
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'Vampyr' is a decent idea wrapped up in a terrible video game

London is in distress. Bodies are piling up. Hospitals are full. People are killing each other. Vampires are running rampant and drinking peoples' blood. And I really, really don't care. SEE ALSO: 7 new 'Battlefield V' features that promise to
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Jimmy Kimmel shares his idea for a 'Roseanne' reboot

In case you hasn't heard, Roseanne has been cancelled by ABC after Roseanne Barr posted a racist tweet about Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett. SEE ALSO: 'Don't feel sorry for me, guys': Roseanne Barr is back on Twitter Jimmy Kimmel joked that he had an
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How can you feed ten baby kangaroos at once? Here's an idea.

How many kangaroo joeys can you personally feed at once? Volunteers at a wildlife rescue shelter in Victoria, Australia, have built a contraption that serves dinner for ten baby roos at once. In a video uploaded to Facebook on Monday, Our Haven
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Clueless dad gets selfie with Cardi B, but has no idea who Cardi B is

Cardi B may be one of the biggest names in the music world right now, but unfortunately, some people still don't know who she is, especially  parents.  Josh Sobo received a text from his father earlier this week that included a selfie with
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Hey Marvel, Chance the Rapper has an idea for your next Avengers lineup

Marvel's superhero omnibus Avengers: Infinity War is almost here, and with a rumored 76-character cast, the movie seems like a big step in lining up the new batch of heroes to fill out the next iteration of the Avengers team. Fortunately, for
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Qantas using its cargo hold for sleep and exercise? It's one of many wild ideas

It's always fascinating to think about how plane cabins could be more than just hours of sitting, movie-watching, and interrupted sleep. Following its first direct, commercial flight Australia to Europe, Qantas chief Alan Joyce told an audience in